We're Rebranding!



My phone just updated and I actually like it! It’s nowhere near as bad as people said it was.


l like the new logo. It’s stylish and simple, yet memorable. Logos are basically sigils that imprint on the brain. Job done.


No It doesn’t look good. Everybody hates it


Ohh i see


I really don’t like the new logo. I wanted to go into Wattpad yesterday and the first thing I thought was: where’s Watty and why is there this ugly logo?

Then I realized it was Wattpad. So I would really like it when it would change back, because it doesn’t feels right, more like ‘we want to earn money so we want more users so we change the logo into something modern’.

Please change it back.


I liked the old logo better. The new one looks kind of lazy and the new shade of orange just doesn’t fit with most of the colours used for the covers. I don’t mind change but only if it improves the site.


Okay so everyone seems to have gotten an update but I don’t see it? I just had to delete the app and redownload it. Now I’ve gotten a style update there but no change in the website still. Is the update not available in all countries?!


It’s only on iOS and Android for now. The web comes later :slight_smile:


They will come in March


I personally really like the new look. It’s eye-catching. Well done!


@AWFrasier Aaah thanks!

@matzeztam Got it, thanks! Blind me… :grin:


Hey, so I have a question for you guys at HQ:

When I find someone interesting on the forums I usually like to chack their wattpad profile but most of them dont have the link of their wattpad profile on their forum profile. I find it kinda tedious to go to another tab to search for the user. Have you thought (I dont know if there’s already a way) of automatically linking the forum profile with the wattpad profile so that by clicking something it takes you directly to their wattpad profile?

I think it would be a good idea and it would allow us to find us easier.

Whatcha think? I dont know if the frontend/backend guys will hate me for maybe adding work to them but Im just gonna leave the idea there xD

Love you, from a developer to another developer xxx


Yes, you can directly link to the Wattpad profile. You can read this post for more info-

You can ask for any help here-

There will always be someone to help you :slight_smile:


I mean change is fine and all but the logo just looks like all my other apps now.


I honestly love the change! The new logo is great, the new orange is way better, and that tagline is brilliant! Only makes me excited for where Wattpad’s going!


@Nablai, @Zussage, @LiteraryBeast, @crystaIIise, @inkwellheart, @rylie-rue Glad to hear that you’re liking it so far! It’s definitely been a labour of love and we made this change to better reflect our community, so hearing these types of things directly from the community is really heart-warming! :blush:

@MaskedObsession The tagline is one of my favourite additions! Stories You’ll Love was very reader focused, and as a writer I think it’s great that Where Stories Live includes both readers and writers in the storytelling experience! :smile:

@whatsmyusername17 Have you checked out our Writers Portal? There’s some great advice on building an audience there!

@MistickMage, @Lollypollysugarcrush, @red-hairedshinobi, @besmabesma3, @Minh_Li, @Ananasmuffin Definitely understand that change can be uncomfortable, and like I mentioned, we do know that the community of users is really the heart of what makes Wattpad so special. We’re listening! I’ve made a note of all of your feedback for our team, so thank you for taking the time to share it. :blush:

@MarinaM56 There’s currently only one interface unless you have Wattpad Premium, that’s correct!

@JCFear I mean I may be biased, but I think Wattpad is pretty cool! :tada:

I think I got everyone! If not, please yell at me (I kid, please be nice) and I’ll get back to you ASAP!


Thanks for all the hard work Gabby and Co. My only request now interface wise is a dark mode option on the app. :pray:


And on the web lol my kingdom for a dark Wattpad mode.


yes, especially writing in dark mode. I didn’t wanna be pushy so one request at a time lol. But hell pop em all out in one batch.


start a petition.

On web you can already make a dark mode I think
(ok. sorry. doesn’t work)