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For me a dark mode just helps tame my dyslexic issues so I want it for profiles, writing, reading…I’m greedy lol. I have to squint on wattpad a lot to control my “marching ants” because everything is just so bright the ketters move on me. Until these clubs I actually didn’t realize how much a dark background helps with my dyslexic issues. I was always “I’ll just live with it” without realizing I could do better for myself lol


Not without installing a third party add on. I’d like one without add ons because too many addons I feel taxes my browser.


it can. The pc im on right now has 8gigs of ram and with my million tabs and a few addons it eats up 5-6 gigs unless i kill some processes.


Thanks for the reply~ It’s nice knowing Wattpad HQ is listening c:


The higher contrast of the white/new orange basic theme is harsh on the eyes, but not harsh enough for me to pay a monthly subscription to unlock the other colors. I suggest consider increasing the contrast to really promote headaches in your nonpaying users — you’re going to need to really push people into subscribing to offset the diminishing returns for your venture investors.


I have to admit, I’m not a huge fan of the new logo and white interface. But maybe it’s just that I don’t like change. I have been on Wattpad since 2014, and everything has always been the same. I know change is good sometimes and it’s just a small thing and I should support the website’s growth, yada, yada, yada. But I want to be selfish and complain in a nice way for a sec.

I decided to disable the automatic updates for the app. Thankfully, I did this before the icon on my phone changed to the new one. I think I might have cried had I opened up my phone one day to no longer see the good old Wattpad logo I’ve stared at for years. Unfortunately, I didn’t catch it before my interface went predominantly white. I’ve always liked lying in bed and reading on Wattpad at night, and the darker, black interface made that more comfortable. It wasn’t as bright, and it was more relaxing for when I’m about to go to sleep. I wish there was at least a way to choose which interface (black or white) I prefer.

Thanks for listening to my rant. I would probably still use Wattpad if you decided to change the background color to yuck green and the letters neon orange. (Okay, maybe not. Please don’t do that. But I think you get the point.) – Kaitlyn :slight_smile:


It’s a nice idea but the new white colour is too bright in the app. In some parts of the app I can’t see the time or my battery percentage because of the colour or something else. If you can maybe just change the white so it’s a little bit darker.


Is the white on the main site sticking around? It’s way too bright and has caused headaches since it changed on the web.


I hope white stays and that options are added for everyone. I need the white cause my monitor isn’t displaying as clear. But I would strongly advocate that more theme options need to be available to suit everyone’s visual capacity.


I love the forums but I can’t keep using them as much as I like since the color triggers headaches and I physically cannot read the orange text!

I want someone to give me a non-bullshit reason for why the color needed to change. The previous orange was beautiful. It was pretty and inviting. This one is garish and harsh and ugly and for me physically painful to look at.

“We wanted to change it up!” is not a non-bullshit reason.

And when the biggest suggestion for getting readership is “be active in the forums,” changes to the forums that make them inaccessible are…counterproductive.


Simple question - will there be a dark mode?


We changed the colour of our orange because our desire is to showcase a more vibrant and modern Wattpad. It was a design decision that was made, and we’re aware that every design choice we make doesn’t necessarily appeal to everyone, so thanks for your feedback and honesty.

In terms of inaccessibility caused by the orange, we’ve heard this comment a few times now and we although we intentionally designed to adhere to accessibility standards, we are aware this is an issue for some users and are actively looking into this. In the meantime, we do have a dark mode for our reading experience that you can read more about here: https://support.wattpad.com/hc/en-us/articles/201339934-Reading-Settings

Wattpad's New Look... That No One Asked For (I Think)

Not to mention the ridiculous, bleached background that they’re tryna sell as “vibrant” (which doesn’t match the definition of “vibrant” at all).


Not taking sides here, but the ridiculous, bleached background isn’t vibrant. It’s the orange that showcases the vibrancy, the energy. With the Hero Orange [the colour of the Wattpad logo] a wee bright, the white background appears whiter. The more white background is consistent on all the site updates that I’ve come across- Slack, Discord, Discourse, Google.

And no one is selling anything. It’s their company, their new logo and they are happy to flaunt it to the world. I honestly see no harm in that.


Not gonna lie, I hate the logo.

It’s not as noticeable now. I have both a drawing and a fitness app with almost identical logos. It just doesn’t stand out. The old school logo represented a community while this one looks like a cash grab. It’s just …cold.

Also the colours are so harsh. I use Wattpad to chill and relax. Not to have harsh,in your face colours. So yeah it’s ugly.


Hey Keeley - I’m curious. Do you mind sharing what drawing and fitness apps you have that have similar logos?


Hey emma! I have a quick question. Is there a reason why via the app the colour of the speech bubbles in PM’s are different in android vs IOS?

Right now my speech bubbles are bright orange with white text while android people are telling me theirs is teal. I’d rather prefer the teal and i’m sure it will help those who have a problem with the orange brightness. Just a thought.


Hey there! I approve of most changes being made in Wattpad so far. It makes Wattpad stand out in ways I didn’t initially think of when I first joined WP back in 2009.

There are only two major changes I don’t approve of, which are…

  1. The scrollbar. I believe that the new scrollbar is too time-consuming and irritating for everyone on Wattpad. I highly suggest bringing back the idea of pages from Wattpad’s old Forum Layout. I also loved that Wattpad’s old Forum listed how many times a user posted under their profile picture: that feature is now gone. I’d love if it was re-implemented: it does show one’s activity in the community.

  2. Wattpad’s new Bio Layout. If you view my profile’s bio, the spaces in between the lines are definitely distracting and an eyesore. I advocate for bringing back Wattpad’s old bio layout where the spaces in-between lines weren’t as large.

I sincerely hope my ideas are heard. If Wattpad truly cares about their users, I do hope a Wattpad Ambassador replies and forwards this post to higher rankings.


Hey! That’s a good question but one for the Product Design Experience team. I’ve passed along your question to them.


When you mention the bio layout, are you referring to the Forum’s bio or Wattpad.com / App bio?