Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾


Welcome fellow pack members and newcomers to the Haven. Let’s make this thread as lively and fun as the last! Hopefully we’ll see some new faces, build the bonds with the old, and just have an amazing time. Please remember to always abide by the club rules.

Cheers, let’s keeping this genre going strong!

~Cue unison howls with fireworks in the background :werewolf: ~

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I Need Advice!! Plz help!

Hey there! My story involves werewolves, though my book is categorized under Paranormal since the story isn’t mainly focused on the wolves.

How are you? :smiley:


Don’t have anything werewolf related on my Wattpad profile, but I do love the genre :smiley:


I’m good and you?
My story was in para as well, though with the new system it’s hard to put it into one genre.
Any good werewolf books you’d suggest?


Very true. Werewolf and vampires are technically elements of paranormal and urban fantasy, I think Wattpad just had them set as genres before it help separate things better (but now everything combined again LOL).

I haven’t read any Wattpad werewolf books in awhile, so I couldn’t accurately suggest there. As for published books though, I really enjoyed HAVEN by Mary Lindsey!


It was about the time when Twilight became big right? And then those genres exploded so they were made into their own thing.

I hope the genres get sorted out better! Its getting a real pain to find books to read in the right genre if im honest :slight_smile:

I’ll take a look! Im always looking for new WP or RL books to read!!






Hahaha, us Paranormal/Werewolf writer’s gotta REPRESENT!


SO trueee!! Let’s get this party started Cay, show em what they are missing :wink:


True though–there are pros and cons to the new system. While the ranking is awesome for the writers, it does tend to put a damper for the readers as they’re struggling to sort through everything.


As I am a reader and a writer I struggle, lol. I’d rather have it easier for the readers, lol, just my annoyance at not being able to find the right books in genres anymore. I hope it gets fixed soon!


I agree wholeheartedly. If I’m honest, I’d rather not have a great rank but have readers be able to find my work easier. But I’m also liking the less pressure of the ranking system so I’m torn…


Umm maybe if they could… ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm mash it together? Like, rank by tags but not the main genres?


Or both? Have the genre rank a bit bigger, then the tags underneath?
You used to be able to categorize in 2 genres per story, so a lot were ranking in two places. I think they then cut it to one to help bring others up as the popular books took over. Unfortunately now we seem to have lost a lot and it’s kind of a free for all. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it may lead to equal reading time, however it’s going to be a bit before people get their feed back under them.

Eh, nothing can be worse than what my last posting site did to me so I’m okay with most things around here haha


Ohh I like the double tag idea! I think that should become a thing, like a main genre rank, and then your tag subgenres!

Anna should be coming around at some point too, lol


-walks in gracefully- I am here. -proceeds to trip over a box of dicks someone left lying around and eats shit-


wheezes Sorry Anna! Should have warned you about all the shitttt laying around. goes to help up, put slips and crashes


WHO LEAVES DICKS LYING AROUND!!! DID THE ROMANCE GENRE SHIT ALL OVER THE PLACE AGAIN!!! whips a dick across the room as I try and fail to get up


coughs with the genre rankings it’s easy for the genres to leak into our pack lol wheezes, sits on the ground maybe it’s better to stay down here

looks at the ground on second though, maybe not :joy: