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Total word count for the day: 2148!! Woop!


Wow that’s great!


Hello! I need some help with something. I have a sassy werecat MC and I know who his love interest is and I kinda want to make him a werewolf because that would totally fit his personality, but I’ve already kind of set up my story for him to be a bird and I could just say that the creature they are has no effect over their personality. What should I do?


You could always find the flying version of a wolf? Like a vulture or a raven or something?


ooooh thank you that is super helpful


“Flying version of a wolf”

imagines a floating chinese dragon that looks like a wolf


*imagines a wolf with wings *

Remember that time frame, where it seemed to be a big thing where wolves could fly and have powers?

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Not much, just finished up next weeks update. You?


Coffee. Coffee. Coffee.

Trying to finish this update…dying

The problem when you start writing the 3rd book in a series (and not having written the others) is that as I write more for the 3rd book I get excited thinking about tall the implications for the first two and a fourth.


Sounds like you’re building a whole world for readers! I LOVE THAT!
Just sitting down to the puter, here. Rough day already. My dog has begun spitting his seizure medicine out. He has figured out that I put it in treats, so he will eat the treat and literally spit it out. I tried three things, same outcome. SO…now I have to crush his pills and put them in the food. I think he figured it out, but I wouldn’t give him breakfast till he ate it. 3 min stretch, 3 min arms, 3 min on rower, skipped steps today, and here I am! Outlining endings of two books today…


Dogs are crazy smart like that!!

And yes! I love world building so much. I’m really enjoying writing and creating this Alternative Earth with supernaturals that came out in the late 1800’s (instead of the 60s because that is to X-men and conflict with the civil rights movements). Though I have been spending years world building on a fantasy series that I keep changing it up as more time goes on lol. I like urban fantasy because there is a bit of set parameters that feel better.


Does someone want to write the last 1000 words of my Romanticism essay? xD


Romanticism as in the art style?


Romanticism and realism…

Gods, save me. Bad memories


Literary period xD