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It’s an art period too. We talked about it in art history… a lot


You can either change parameters or make it an evolution in the story, your choice. I get it though.
I just decided, after weeks of contemplating, to tie my two wolf series together.


I never did art history xD I am, however, doing an English degree :joy:


Is an English degree bad? I’ve been thinking about getting it, but I hate literature


Some of the modules I’ve done have been a little tedious (Romanticism included) but it’s not too bad. It is a huge focus on literature, though


Every now and then thought comes to me…I wave at it as it goes by…LOL


So you did the elements of romanticism, right?
Maybe you can compare it to today.


I hoped it would focus more on grammar and spelling rules and such… pronunciation, use of English, stuff like that


I am confused


Romanticism in literature has elements.


My essay’s on slavery in the Romantic period, it’s been quite a good one to do, but once I hit the half-way mark my writing bombs xD

For me, it’s been literature with the occasional Creative module. I think you can get degrees in English Language, though. Not too sure


There was slavery back then?


Yup. The Romantic period in Literature was late 1700s, slavery wasn’t abolished until 1833 in Britain and 1863 in the States


Yes, for the record, slavery is happening somewhere in the world even today


I did that when I was deciding to re-write “Of Blood and Sinew” which I never finished. At first I was like, let me connect it to the story of the Red Hood and then it sparked an idea that changed everything “Of Blood and Sinew” but I think now the story will be much stronger when I finally re-write it as the first book in a series.

But hey! Sometimes it is what is needed in writing as it infuses new life and lifts up the story in transformation.


Yep, so are you citing writings of the time that might have brought about different views?
Terminology that was born at that time? Like the terms of human cargo was used in place of the term slaves on ships, or something like that?
Just spitballing…trying to get you thinking…


I’m using a couple of poems and a novel from the time, my argument being that the men who were writing about slavery, although wrote to abolish it, also wrote to suggest it wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Most of the people writing anti-slavery narratives were white, British men. I’m using the one book written by an ex-slave as well.


Sounds good, different viewpoints always help.
I think, when slavery was being discussed as illegal/immoral, people were afraid to speak their full minds about it because they were afraid of ridicule.
Like here in the states with the Underground Railroad. That was an interracial action (whites helped slaves escape, too) against slavery, and anyone caught faced the noose. They were quiet and compliant but took risks.


That’s sort of what these guys do. There like 'Slavery is bad! However… Colonisation was great because they now have religion! So, not so bad!"

It’s weird xD


No, it isn’t. Human nature, and a little term called rationalization (the action of attempting to explain or justify behavior or an attitude with logical reasons, even if these are not appropriate.) I mean, here in the States, churches told whites that slavery was okay because blacks weren’t human.