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That one cracks me up, too.
Truthfully, the more I learn about European history and colonization, the more I SMH, and I think of our country’s leadership. He’s such a throwback to all of that (UGH). But anyway, you get that point.
So I guess you included the story of Dido Belle Lindsay Davinier as well?


I did not, it wasn’t one of our set texts from the period


You could use or cite it as additional research to beef up your paper. Connect it to the assigned texts to support it.




Hi everyone


On the dog thing, I train service dogs and something we do when they spit out their medicine is surround it in spray cheese. It’s super disgusting, but the dogs will eat it. If they won’t take the cheesy medication from your hand than try to mix it in with the food and that should help.


Hello darlings! How is everyone today?? Hope you’re all doing well xx


Halleloo! You found me!!


Tired and ;probably sore tomorrow, but otherwise OKAY!
I am saying it, but I MEAN it. It’s like WOW.
I have done my outlines for three stories that will be ending in the next few months. It’s all about execution now. I am three weeks ahead, so I have time to get myself geared.
I hope I can keep it going, doing healthier choices, getting back to regular exercise, setting daily goals…but today, I am OKAY…!


omg same!!! So much so that I’ve started writing the fourth because I couldn’t wait :see_no_evil:


You’ve got this!! <3


Did you change your pfp again??


I changed it back :slight_smile: but I’m terrible at selfies so I keep using the same picture LOL


Yer hair thoughh, its nice both ways! But this one is different, lol


Lol one day I shall find a good selfie to use.


Two essays down, one to go!!! YAASSS


Wooo! That’s great :calmwolf:


Hey everyone! Just started working on my first ever werewolf project a few days ago. Is there an inauguration ceremony? :rofl:


We can always host one?

Welcome to the pack! :smiley:


As long as the food’s good.
Thank you :smile: