Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾


Also help me out guys. Who wants to be a character in this thing I’m plotting? Haha it’s high fantasy tho


Yessssssssss I got you girl, I got you :wink:


Ohhh what kind?

Ahaha nooo. Besides I have no books up :calmwolf:


Help me!!



Ahaha nope


Don’t think I’ve told you this one yet :joy::joy: but it’s based on 5 siblings, the oldest of which is a girl. Their father is a ling and their mother is a commoner who was the love of his life. Because of her he treated the kids like his own but after the kids mother dies a few days after giving birth to the last child the father becomes withdrawn.

His councilmen encourage him to take a wife and produce a true royal heir and in his grief he agrees. Pretty quickly he finds a woman to make his wife but she wants his children gone and so the king sends them away.

Not far out of the castle walls the children and their travelling party are attacked, the children, a wet nurse, 2 knights and a squire survive, they learn quickly thar the incoming queen really wanted the kings children gone.

What follows is a long ass jour ey the kids have to take and the oldest of the bunch learning that she not only jas a strong voice but she is also capable of more than she was brought up to think.

Still very much a work in progress tho haha

So i need all kinds of characters in main and supporting roles. Will take in to consideration the type of being people want but so far I havent added any yet.


Ohhh I like it! XD I wanna read that


Haha gotta finish my base plot, I’m over half way through, then I can start putting e errthing together and make my timeline and chapter outlines


Lol, what about your other books?


I’m half way through the next chapter of the urban fantasy but my novella contest prompt thing has tanked, I couldn’t stay inspired by the idea :sob::sob::sob::sob:


Fair enough! This one seems very good though!


Thanks! Hopefully o can do it justice and stay with it.

How’s your writing and books going btw?


Very good! Cay is cracking down on us <~< @DumDumPops4 200 words a day, though we are guessing it’s gonna be maybe a month XD


But that’s good! 200 words a day is probably 100k or close to for a year.

I think I’m sitting at 3k so far but ove had a few days off so need to make up for it asap


I got 1k today and ohh that’s good. Do you think it’s gonna be aong book?


Daaaaang! Great effort dude that’s some.good writing!

I think its gonna be a long book, both that one I’m plotting ^^^ and the urban fantasy :joy::joy::joy: I mean for the UF i originally had enough info for 7 books but idk if that’ll happen


Ahaha thanks! You know the struggle to get to 200 and then I was off.

Ohhh wow, lol. Common Meeks!! You can do jt


I swear the first 200 to 300 is the hardest to write and then the last 200 or 300 of a chapter is hardest to wrap up :joy::joy:

And thanks for the vote of confidence! If I can get book one for UF done this year I’m gonna be happy af


I got Cay for you lol