Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾


I’m watching you @calmwolf

…but not in a creepy way of course



Gimme a break


Haha I’m 50 in already!


Speaking of breaks, who wants a hot tea and a kiki?


I hit my 200! Everything now is a bonus and may have to make up for tomorrow or the weekend :joy:


Wooo! Thats great!!!


I am so proud!! Gold star for you! :star:


whoooo! Hit my 200!!! Now it is time to sleep and prepare to wake up for school tomorrow :frowning:


It’s finally time to release Nix from the bottle, but now I have no idea how to go about it…


Hey guys. How have you all been?


Hey! I’m a little out of it, hahaha. I’ve spent the last couple days basically just writing fiction all day and now that I have to get back to writing my thesis in my native language, I can’t seem to remember the words :rofl:

And how are you?


Oh no. You’re having a brain fart moment xD Where are you from btw?

And I’m fine. Finally back in the community after what it seems to be such a long time. It’s good to be back.


I’m from Lithuania, hahaha. Well that ‘moment’ has been going on for a good hour or so already, let’s hope it passes soon, lol.

Oh, welcome back! I’ve been abscent for quite some time too and recently returned.


I just looked up Lithuania cuz I didn’t know where it was and it seems like a magical place to live in! What language do you guys use there?

Oh I’m sure it will.

Well, I got kind of scared going back to the community. I’ve already made quite a stir before I left in one of the threads here. Left before it blew up too much but now I’m back haha


Lithuanian language, LOL. Yeah, I don’t really expect many people to know where it is when I tell them where I live.

The good thing is that I already got through like half of what I have to write today for that thesis. So even if it doesn’t, I’ll manage somehow. The bad thing is that I still have to get quite some programming done and I’m just hoping that I can remember those languages.

Yay for coming up with the courage and double yay for being back now, hahaha!


What does lithuanian language sound like? Is it very hard? Your country looks beautiful.
You’re a programmer? Damn. Good luck to that. I have massive respect for programmers. I can never understand any of that.


It’s hard to answer that because you know, I’ve been talking Lithuanian my whole life, so it just seems normal to me. Hard to describe something that’s just normal, hahahaha. I guess it’s one of the older and more difficult languages but I couldn’t tell (I say as I’ve been struggling to write anything in it for more than an hour).

I’m a student, for now (my last year), but my study program involves a lot of programing, so, got to learn, hahaha.


I understand that. Sorry about that, dumb question xD

Oh, what are you taking?


It’s not dumb, more of natural, hahaha.

I’m taking multimedia and graphics design, but in a university of technology so it comes with lots of maths and programming. Honestly, to the point where I’m way better at programming than I am at graphics design. But I ain’t complaining, lol.

What about you? Working or studying in some sphere?


Thank God you think that. Haha. That useful skill at this point, programming. In this day and age of technologies, having to know how to program is such a benefit and opens up new options for when you go to work.

I’m a bum. Can’t seem to find work. I’m overqualified to some and under-qualified for others. Adulting is hard T_T