Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾


Oh, that sucks :confused: I’m sure you’ll find something great eventually, tho :slight_smile:

I should get back to writing that thesis now, so I don’t accidentally destroy my education or something, hahaha. It was nice talking to you, good luck :heart:


You too!


The possibility to turn The Factory Girl into a trilogy is there, but I don’t know if I have the content to make it possible :joy:






Hooray!! Gold star for you too! :star:


Yaaay!!! Congratulations!!


How have you been???


Good, you?


I missed talking to you guys!


I missed talking to you, too!


Hello folks!


I recommend “Werewolf Sings the Blues” by Jennifer Harlow.


Oooh, thanks a lot :heart:


What’s worse than making a pun in a uni essay?

Getting found out :joy:


XD what?


In one of my uni essays, I made a pun in my opening sentence. I got feedback on the essay today and my lecturer wrote ‘nice pun’ xD


:joy:what was the pun?


It was ‘Cars in Fizgerald’s The Great Gatsby are the significant driving force’

Or something to that affect xD


XD ohh

Is the feedback good?