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Well, I have another essay to write for the same module so I think I’ll need to build on the feedback there. Especially since the word count is higher this time around. It does make me nervous for my other essays, though so I’m going to have to go over them with a fine-toothed comb tomorrow.


Hello, as like everyone here, I do like werewolves but I like the old-timey lore werewolves much more and not so much the modern day ones. As the modern-day werewolves seem to have the same trophy atmosphere about them (generally speaking). I am NOT saying that there is anything wrong with it from time to time but it kinda takes over the story and what plot there was seems to disappear over the course of the story. Removing the reason for the story to be read. Reasons, relationships, and fear seem to disappear from the thoughts of the reader.

The thought of the reader now is to find out what the werewolf looks like naked in his/her human form. Their relationships are (at times depending on the story/show/movie) for the small part based on the appearance of said characters, that go no deeper than an inch. (mark how many times the characters either have sex, clothes randomly were taken off, overly aggressive towards their “mates” and underdeveloped relationships)

Though, this is just my thought, something I am sure we will all disagree on some point.


Well then… the great song of Jake the drake. I should post this in fantasy for humor’s sake

Once, there was a drake,
and his name was Jake
He had scales like gold,
and a tail with spikes

Because he was a drake,
he did not have wings
And that made him sad,
as all dragons have wings

So, he formed a plan
He mustered some hope
And finally, he set out into the world

Once, there was a drake
He visited a witch
And there, he said to her:
"Please, do give me wings!"

"Drakes don't have wings,"
she told Jake the drake
"You have a spiked tail
"That should do the job."

Sad, he walked away
Still not able to fly
Like all, the other dragons were

Once, there was a drake
Sat beneath a tree
He looked at the sky
Begging for wings

"Drakes don't have wings,"
the sky said to Jake
"You have golden scales
"Can you not see them?"

He paused to look
His scales shone in the light
And his tail smashed a tree

Once, there was a drake
Who finally could see
He was great as he was
With no wings, but pretty

"Drakes don't have wings,"
Jake told everyone.
"But that is okay
"Just look at me."

He'd show off his scales
As well as his tail
After it all, he was a happy drake


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Lol, well the ones people often call werewolves are really shifters. But thats neat! There are some authors around who do use the old lore of the two legged werewolves!

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This is something I was speaking to someone else about this morning actually, a lot of werewolf readers are so used to the simple plots, simple pimple deep relationships and characters with less layers to them than the amount of clothes they wear that when someone writes a werewolf story with complex characters and plot it goes over a lot of peoples heads and they can get really confused. I’m not saying werewolf readers are stupid but they are just so used to certain things.


I think werewolf also tends to have a younger… how do I say it… Werewolf writers tend to start young? there are a lot of young werewolf writers?


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