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I think it has to do with the whole teen wolf show that came out in recent years. That show hardly did anything for the genre as a whole. I strongly believe if people stop trying to sell their books or shows through sex maybe people have more respect for the genre.


Inexperienced? Still learning? I mean werewolf is a great place for writers to start cuz its so easy to get in to, especially if they wanna write broad fantasy later.


So is mine and you’re making me doit


Yes! And let’s not forget to mention werewolf… fanfics that are labeled werewolf. Werewolf is such a new genre, its not even a real genre its more of a concept. But we have some horrid tropes that those books are easier to find then in other genres


Well, not really. Even before Teen Wolf this kind of trend was prevalent on Wattpad. A lot of people pin it on the Twilight era with the werewolves there. Teen Wolf has just prolonged it :joy:


I wasn’t even on here when that happened! That’s awful! Twilight!


Ahahaha, its your song!
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Oh man, I honestly, that was what annoyed me most about the genres going. Fanfic everywhere :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: again! Its 2013-14 all over again haha

We do have horrid tropes, I wish people would not assume we all write the same tropes though.


You know the tune. It’s very straight forward


I am only thankful to Twilight for one thing, Werewolf and Vampire having their own separate genre lists :joy: I haven’t even read the Twilight books though but my boyfriend made me go watch the last movie with him in the cinema and then pretended like it was me that wanted to go watch it haha


No I don’t, XD if you write out the music I’ll play it on the piano for you


I can’t write or read music. I just… do


Oh, lol, fair enough

That’s about my entire limited skill at music though


HAHAHA, I understand that! I had to read it when it first got big (right around when the news of its first movie was coming out). I never understood the relationship between the main characters or the vampires and werewolves. You know?


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I’m good, just got another chapter of my book up, :smiley: how are you? (I just joined a little bit ago and haven’t posted much because of school)


Hey, I’m not sure if this is the place to ask but I’m considering writing a story with a werewolf lead. I’m kind of on the fence about it. Going forward, if I do decide to go with a werewolf lead, what are some good things to remember when writing in this (kind of) genre?


Probably the most important thing is that anything is possible but make sure you have built a background and/or world that makes it believable.

You’ll probably get comments saying avoid cliches and tropes but if that’s your jam then don’t be afraid to use them, just make sure to put your own stamp on it in some way.

Other than that the only other thing I can recommend is researching and reading a few werewolf books that apparently to you so you can get an idea of what or how you’d like to write.