Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾


I’ve read a few in the past, so I have a good idea of the kind of werewolf I’d like to write. But would it be weird if the supernatural aspect is kind of a background of the story? I want to focus more on relationships and character growth between the two leads. Most werewolf/shifter stories I’ve read put a lot of emphasis on being a shifter or being turned and some such. I don’t want to put as much emphasis.


No,not weird at all, I’ve read many books that focus heavily on the development of the two mains, though many focus on just the romantic development and not so much on character growth


Cool, thanks for your quick replies! They’ve been helpful.


No worries! Sorry I’m not as helpful as I could be though, feeling a little Ill :sob:


@Spruce_Goose I really don’t like that ghostsinsidemybed person. It’s okay to have an awards, but to pop up in threads and just advertise it? And do it unasked in people’s walls?


I get it, it’s against the rules here as well so it’ll be removed every time. There’s a place for advertising that stuff and other people’s walls and outside the SYS threads isn’t it


On other people’s walls is actually against the rules too? I thought it was only in books


It’s not against the rules, just rude xD


Fair enough


I always delete advertisements on my wall, though they stopped when I became an amb :joy:


Wow. You have a free pass


Seems lie it :joy: people think they’ll get in trouble by doing it on an amb profile (I think, anyway xD)


If I could, I’d get them into trouble…

Makes me wonder. Why don’t people read the rules before coming to the forums and end up breaking them within 5 minutes by advertising? The first thing I did back in 2017 was read the rules


I don’t get it either. You’ve never been allowed to advertise outside of the SYS threads and the guidelines are the first thing people should see but they always seem to skip them. I mean, I know that these new threads are predominately writers which makes the SYS threads a little redundant, but it’s still against the rules


Always read the rules, where ever you go, in real life or online. Saves a lot of people a lot of trouble. I always wonder why people just… don’t


I remember my first post after meticulously reading all the rules. Was so nervous when no one replied within a minute


It will always be a mystery…

When I first joined, I didn’t even know the clubs existed xD I spent like two years on here without knowing about them :joy: By the time I found them, I knew the rules


I spent half a year here as a reader solely before I started writing. I read all these writing guides, and they told me to go to the forums, so I did. Those guides were great


You were a better Wattpader then I was when I started out xD


I’m cautious :stuck_out_tongue: I like to gather information to do things correctly and avoid pissing people off