Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾


Wish I had done that :joy: :joy:


You pissed people off? O.o


Yup xD When I was 16/17 (which really isn’t that long ago) I wasn’t the nicest of people and got into several disagreements on the threads, most of them my own doing.


I get into fights from time to time, often on purpose, but I can’t imagine you being like that…

How old are you now?


It was bad, to be honest. I don’t know what was going on in my head but I was really defensive all the time.

I’m 19, 20 in a few weeks


Happy early birthday!

I’m 16


Haha, thanks xD

Ahhh, cool


I broke one rule and it was a thread where people could suggest stories, but I didn’t realize you could only post links in the designated threads. I thought I could make one. But yah, never did that again, that was like in my first year of WP though.

And now I know all the rules, lol


When Meebo existed, I was one of those people who would message everyone with a link to my book :joy::joy:


XD and we’ve all grow out of our ‘phases’


Thank God xD


I’m still in a few phases and I’m getting old now…:joy::joy:


Hey, there is a conversation going on about Inkkit: Thoughts on Inkkit?
and it might be interesting to see since some of the terms and conditions are… scary to say the least, lol.

Ahahaha, H. Thats okayy


I need advice xD

My Uni posted about a short story contest where 25 Shortlisters are published in an anthology and I’m torn with entering. The reason being, the deadline to submit is only 4 days away and I won’t have time to write something new…

Do I rework an old short story or not bother?

I need your help, friends!!


When is the short story deadline? If it’s past 4 days, rush after you finish your origimal deadlibe


The deadline to submit is the 15th


Looks like there’s nothing to lose with reworking an old short story for the contest. Good luck if you decide to do it!


Valid point, it’s just the time frame :joy:


Get off forums. Nail deadline #1. Write/rework short story.

Shoo! Win stuff!


It looks like it’ll be a night job xD I have to edit to Uni essays plus write a third :joy: :joy: