Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾


Yes I am, finally! Currently working on a story that I had been posting from 2017 that I basically left after the first four chapter but I recently posted one and the excitement makes me want to start on another chapter. What about you? How’s your writing been going?


It’s something I’m good at, and I like making people happy! :slight_smile:


I’m glad that it makes you happy!




Hey Spruce. Sup?


Not much, just working on a new chapter. You?


Doing some editing, but docs is so slow with processing stuff that I’m ready to head back to reading. I bought Julie Kagawa’s Shadow of the Fox yesterday, and I’ve been racing through it

Have you got a boom of reads today too, with the list add?


Ahh, cool :slight_smile:

Not really. Not as much as some people get, anyway xD I’ve set myself a stupid goal of getting 3K by Thursday, my birthday, but I doubt I’ll get 400 reads in that time :joy:


Hey, that’s no stupid goal! You can do it! If you update, people will come looking

I have the goal of 2k before Wednesday. Otherwise my 2k bonus Q&A will look seriously stupid


I doubt it’ll happen xD My last update only hit 8 reads, even with the list add xD Hist Fic just isn’t popular, featured or not.

Oooo, good luck!


Oh… well… you tried?

I’m feeling very spoilt with all the reads I’m getting. Just look at this! It’s silly. It’s never dropped to 0 unique readers since I started posting


Tried and failed xD I was so excited to hit the Featured List because I thought that I might get some readers who are reading the story because they want to, not because I asked for a review, but I was wrong.

Woah! That’s so cool! Congrats :slight_smile:


Relatable. Very relatable. I may stop with read for reads now that the ball is rolling xP
But if Historic Fiction is very niché, the readers of it will constantly have to look for new books. They will find you eventually, right?

It’s cool and mildly creepy. Especially compared to this:

I’ve never hit any higher than 13 unique readers before TAF O.o


Wish I could do that xD The only chance I have for feedback is through critiques

I doubt it, after so long on the site it feels like it’s not worth it.

It’s so good, though! To have that continuous stream of readers.


Ah, true. The feedback is still very little. Mostly those one-line comments on ‘Poor Nix!’ and ‘Awwww’ and stuff like that. I don’t mind them at all, but they don’t help me improve

You can always write offline, and then upload per schedule after you’ve finished? That may help ease the pressure of reads and deadlines for updates

I feel bad flaunting around my reads in front of you


I get those occasionally. There’s one person who will go through and make little comments, but they haven’t done it recently xD

I’ve never written offline, not since I joined the sight xD I feel bad when I don’t post anything

Don’t! You earned those reads :slight_smile: It’s just me being stupid xD I had this image in my mind of what would happen when I hit the Featured List, but that image was wrong


A few friends of mine tried it when they got too fed up by Wattpad’s toxidity and pressure. They say it’s great and really helps

I guess it also depends on how many reads you had in the beginning. Apparently, even the higher your read count in the list, the more reads you get from being there


Maybe I’ll consider it, I just have a lot to do on top of writing xD

Yeah, seems like that’s the case. I reckon genre matters as well, the more popular the genre, the more people would be likely to read it.