Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾


What’s up?


Not much, just eating dinner. You?


Catching up in the threads, watching Shane Dawson’s new conspiracy video, and then I want to write


Ahh, nice!




Hey Fluffy :calmwolf:


I’m trying to finally write something today.


Yess, you can do it!


Yes!! But lately my views have dropped quite a bit, so I’m feeling a little discouraged.


Don’t feel discouraged. Reads can hit a down point for many reasons. Write for the story, don’t leave ot hanging :slight_smile:


True, I gotta write a good chapter, I’m at a turning point of my story. I finally reveal the main character is a werewolf. xD


Ohh thats fun, that will be a neat scene to write! Exciting


Well, I plan on barely hinting it at the end of the chapter, and leave the full scene for the next one. It’s not a big surprise for the reader though, since that “big reveal” is written in the blurb. xD It only means that the story will finally start unfolding. Basically everything until now was just character development.


How many chapters in to the book are you?


This will be the third one! xD


Ohh, coming along :calmwolf:
What’s you MC named?


He’s named Alec. :3 Why do you ask?


I dunno, lol. Curious I guess


And yours?


My current MC is called Red–from Redaliya.