Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾


Oh, Red! Such a fierce and pretty name! I like it. :3




wow, that’s amazing :slight_smile: (sorry that I went MIA, I’ve been going through some personal stuff and after a couple bad decisions, decided to stay off of my devices.)


It’s all fine :slight_smile:


anyway, how’s the featured list been treating you since I left?


I thought there would have been a more dramatic shift in read numbers, but apparently not xD I’ve set a goal to hit 3K by my birthday so I have 5 days to get 300 reads :smiley:


You can do it!


I’m not particularly optimistic, but we shall see


Ahaha, I play devils advocate :slight_smile:


You’re more positive then I am, and I set the goal :joy:


:joy:Im optimistic for others, im severely pessimistic with myself


Relatable xD



Saddest episode ever!!





Good morning! : D


incoherent grumbling


lol not a morning person, are you? xD


Not at all. I come to life when the sun went down


Ah, I’m totally the opposite. I’m the sleepy type that gets in bed as soon as it gets dark xD


So, who’s your favorite out of top 5 besides Latrice rn?