Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾


I know. It’ll pick up :slight_smile:


How do you find the motivation to keep writing?


I loved the story. It doesn’t matter to me if no one else does, I do.


Oh, damn! That’s so cute! <333
I do love mine as well, but as long as it is in my mind, if nobody is gonna read it, I don’t feel the need to write it.


Write it! Don’t worry about whether or not people are reading it, write it for you


Haha well, I’ll try. I’m a bit stuck at the moment. This chapter looks like it’s gonna be long,


How long? xD


Idk yet. xD I hope not more than 3k words.


That’s not long xD Mine are always over 3K :smiley:


Ooohh!!! I try not to make them too long. The last one I posted was 3k words and I divided it into two parts. I try to follow Wattpad’s recommendation on chapter length. xD


I don’t care about the recommendation lengths xD I write till I feel I’m done :joy:


Same, but sometimes I’m too eager to post that I don’t care that the chapter isn’t finished. I divide it to be able to post sooner xD


I have to stick to my schedule xD










Only 86 reads away from 3K!!! Eeeekkkkk




So close :smiley: Now I just need to finish the chapter for tomorrow :joy: