Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾




Happy Chinese New Year everyone! It’s the year of the Pig!


Hi! How is everyone doing?


I’m good. C: Trying to write, but I can’t concentrate. And you?


Haayyy, I’m good :smiley: Just finishing up my update for tonight. You?


I’m trying to finish a chapter. I’m also trying to think of a way to celebrate with my readers the lastest milestone of my story.


How often do you update? I read the summary of your book and it reminded me a lot of North & South.


Every Tuesday. The double update last week put me behind so I’m writing to a deadline :joy:

I had never even heard of North and South before I started writing it, my mind was on a British Tv show a few years back called ‘The Mill’ :joy: Coincidently, I had to read N&S for Uni


I admire writers that can keep a schedule. I’ve tried and failed many times :joy:

I’ve never heard of “The Mill” before, I’m gonna look it up. I really liked the TV adaptation of N&S.


Same, but this schedule seems to be sticking xD

It was good, I wish they made more than 2 seasons, but it was a good show whilst it lasted


OK. I have a question.

If you’re a 3rd grade teacher and your student shouted the word “Whore” while fighting with another student in the teachers lounge, in front of other students and parents (in his defense, he learn the word from listening to his mom on the phone), how are you going to explain that it’s a bad word and he shouldn’t use it (at least until he’s old enough to understand its meaning)?

(Not related to werewolves, I know. But just in case you have a werewolf character who is a third grade teacher…)

  1. Why are they fighting?
  2. How tf did both get into the teachers lounge? That place is off limits
  3. How did other students get in there?
  4. Why are parents in there?
  5. Why is the biggest worry here the word ‘whore’ and not the fighting?!


Got my old laptop back from the repair shop and all my files are still there!! Yaassss



Now quickly back them up on 2 real life drives and 1 online one


I’ll get around to doing that xD I have uni work to do first


You can have it run in the background while you read?


Too much effort xD I’ll get around to it, but not quite yet. There is nothing that important on the old one that I need right now


Fair enough


I’m just glad I didn’t lose the short story from a few weeks ago xD


Did you join the uni contest?