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It’s sort of fun, I get to find newspaper articles for my dramatic writing seminar


So I’m writing a fanfiction, non-werewolf, anime crossover ONC entry starring an old anime named Chibi Maruko-chan and my favorite anime of all time, Doraemon.

The story is took place in Japan. Maybe this may sound odd, but as portrayed in anime, if there’s a trouble between the students, they’re always called to the teachers lounge.

I’ll explain the summary so you can understand.

Yamane Tsuyoshi went missing after causing a riot in class. The reason of the riot is, he thinks that his friends sided with his father, a strict, hot-blooded headstrong who wants Tsuyoshi to be a strong kid. Momoko Sakura, also known as Maruko, calls Doraemon and friends, to help her and her classmates find Yamane and bring him back to school.

Here are the brief answers (basically what the next chapter is all about):

  1. They are fighting because the class president, Maruo Sueo, suddenly interrupted Nagasawa (Yamane Tsuyoshi’s friend) who was talking at that time, and bends Nagasawa’s words. Nagasawa said that he believes that both Yamane Tsuyoshi and his dad are both wrong and need to make amends with each other, but before he even said that to Yamane Tsuyoshi, Maruo Sueo, who overheard Nagasawa, draws out his own conclusion that it was Yamane Tsuyoshi’s fault and he must make amends to his father instead.
  2. Because during the story, Nagasawa and Maruo are one of the witnesses of the riot.
  3. (Please elaborate)
  4. Because the parents of Yamane Tsuyoshi was called by his teacher, and they needed to be there in order for the teacher to give the parents the detailed rundown of what happened until the point when he was nowhere to be found.
  5. The word “whore” is the oil of the fight. Nagasawa was about to start the fight when Maruo interrupted his ‘moment of wisdom’, but interrupted when Yamane started the riot.

Maruo Sueo, Nagasawa, and Yamane Tsuyoshi are characters from anime series Chibi Maruko-chan. Characters from Doraemon will appear in later chapters.

P.s.: I can’t post the link of the story because it was forbidden, but you can find it on the SYS section for Fanfiction.


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My days been good, just uni work. Making dinner now :slight_smile: reads have been good, hit 3.2K :grin:


Er… I barely understood any of it because of all the Japanese. You may want to call them Dude 1 and Dude 2 and stuff so I can understand.

  1. Cannot understand. They fight because some guy twisted the words of another guy so a third guy feels the need to fight the first guy?
  2. They are in the teacher’s lounge just because those guys have to be witnesses to make your story work? That is a plot hole right there, my dude.
  3. Teacher’s lounge = off limits. Why were other students there watching the fight? You can’t just go there.
  1. Alright, at least that makes sense. But you’d think they were in a separate room discussing this, not in the teacher’s lounge.
  2. But still… swearing is nothing compared to fighting. You can get expelled for that, easily.

Why are you mixing two anime? That’s… odd, I guess, but it’s been done.

P.s.: not interested. Just trying to find the logic here


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Yup! Hit 3k yesterday :grin::grin: