Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾


Congrats!! All uphill from here :smiley:

I somehow get roughly 100 reads a day. It’s ridiculous


I hope so. I just wish people would comment :joy::joy:

That’s awesome;


Man, me too. Comments always cheer me up
(I had four comments today… One of a reader who’s been with me for a week or so, two more from an author that I edit for and that mildly terrifies me because she has like 28k followers and is like my idol, and the fourth is from a friend trying to get me to post my singing… which is not happening. But at least I do get comments)

I’ve found that posting those questions at the end of chapters does absolutely nothing for getting more comments, though.

And yeah, it is awesome, and scary at the same time


Someone placed an ad, gonna summon you to remove their post


It’s so weird to see the read count climb by 1k in a week and get no new comments :joy::joy:


Oh, woah, none at all? That is really weird.

I mean, I know I have like 53 unique readers at least, but I know like 20 of them vote, and maybe 5 of them comment every now and then. There’s no way a 1,000 read jump can happen with no comments


I had a reader who was catching up with chapters leaving comments, but I one knew


Those readers are awesome <3 I mean, the votes are great, but the real joy are the comments. Especially comments like,

This is the one book I don’t mind wating for an update. It’s got awesome cliffhangers, updates quickly,the author replies to comments and the quality is awesome with a great storyline. :clap:


I may make a file with all the happiest comments I’ve gotten just to cheer me up when I’m down


Agreed, I just wish I got more of them :joy:


Sounds like a good plan!


You should too! May help you get through the bad days :slight_smile:


I wish I had enough comments to do that with xD


Hey, even a few comments will help. You’ll just have to compensate with more ice cream and chocolate


Sounds like a plan xD


See? I have good ideas at times


I’m very sorry if my fanfiction didn’t give you any interest, not to mention the logic. It’ll be the best for you to read it in order to understand. Besides, this is how Japanese schools work for the students (and probably some of the schools in Asia).

But if you don’t want to, oh well. Suit yourself.



Dang. Its busy today!


Not that busy. I was just checking in after six, eight hours of sleep…


Well usually when i get up its either dead quiet or busy. I’d say 45 messages is busy