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Quick question for those who like reading in the werewolf genre:
I’ve slowly noticed a pattern in the format/plot of the majority of werewolf books, does this cliché bother you at all? Or, instead, is it this same cliché that makes the werewolf genre so popular. It’s quite interesting to think of the genre’s foundation as having a predisposition to that overused buildup that gets most of us reader ATTACHED to a book. Idk, weird thought to have, but I’d like to any answers as feedback for my personal writing.


It’s official. I can no long say I’m a teenager :joy:


You just turned twenty? Now you’re a tween


The main cliche’s that bother us are the abuse, the glorification of toxic relationships, the way the weak, human MC are saying all of it is okay because the dominant guy is hot. Because it’s not okay


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Is it okay to name two characters who are only there for maybe a chapter and a half? In my defense, the book will barely cross 20 chapters, so they’d be there for 5% of the book (at least)


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I’m super tired but trying to get some writing done. I’m also trying to think of a nice way to show appreciation for my readers, the book hit 50k and I want to celebrate with them.


50k? That’s awesome!

I do celebrations constantly. It’s really silly, as the reads keep piling up. I’ve done a 1k celebration, a 2k one, and I suspect that within a week or three, there will be a 5k one. After that, it’ll ramp up to 10k, and then 25k… if I ever even make that before I finish the book.

What do you think about doing? So far, I’ve published an extra chapter in the POV of an important side character and compiled a Q&A. Next up, I’ll do another Q&A and post an extra chapter the moment we hit 5k, as well as show off fan art (someone seems to be willing to make some O.o)


I was thinking of letting my loyal readers name some of the wolf cubs that will appear in a coming chapter. A couple of readers have asked for chapters with another characters POV, I want to do that but I’m afraid that might spoil stuff that hasn’t been written yet.

How did the Q&A work out for you? How did you answer questions without revealing too much?


Oh, naming stuff is a great idea too! I simply write too far ahead to pull things such as that off, and I have too small of a plot and a book and a cast to be able to do that. If you can do that, I’m sure they’d love it, though.

The Q&A was quite simple, really. No one asked for any severely plot-revealing things, but it helps that my plot is very straight forward and has no planned twists. I did get one question that would reveal to much if answered, so I said:

Will Nix ever find her mother again, or is she dead?

She is most definitely not dead, as firefoxes live up to 5,000 years. But if Nix wil find her momma…? Well, that’s a mystery :slight_smile:

You don’t have to fully answer. You can be all mysterious and godly and author-ly. You can look at my Q&A for inspiration, though I doubt it’s the best one out there. I actually revealed an upcoming character that’ll appear in like… 8 chapters


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