Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾


You still have the cake


Thank you :smiley:

@FireAlwaysReturns It’s still my birthday xD


I’m doing well, thanks! Just working on my story at the moment. I’m trying to get into a groove where I can post a new chapter every one to two weeks.

@Spruce_Goose Happy birthday! :tada:


Ah, very true. Time passes slow, does it not?


How large are your chapters?


It does indeed xD

@JulieMidnight Thank you :slight_smile:


They’re usually between 5,000 and 7,500 words. :grin:


Holy… O.o

Mine are each just a little over 1,000 words. That way there’s no pressure on me and I can keep updating weekly with no fear and even give extra updates here and there. And my story won’t be that big, so the chapters kind of need to be small… I’d have like five chapters if they were your size xP


My story has a few plot twists and my MC is a very unreliable narrator so that complicates things with Q&As and POV changes. I’m going to look at your Q&A (I need to catch up with your story!), having an example always helps :slight_smile:


Oof, yeah, then it’s going to be hard. But, with luck, you have readers that ask what’d happen if you pitted two of your characters against each other in a fight, or what sparked the idea of the book, things like that.


I’ve been trying to establish a schedule too… but writing consistently is hard :rofl:


The secret to consistency is small chapters!~


I’ve tried to keep them small but just can’t, I think is the tone of the book that just doesn’t work with smaller chapters.


I’m sure at least one of questions is going to be about mates, people really want to know if my characters are mates hahaha.


What’s your usual word count?

And I guess it’s what you’re used to, too. When I first started, my chapters were 400-600 words. I then slowly raised it to 1,000 and then to 1,500. After, I lowered it to just over 1,000 to again, and that’s where it’s been at for this WIP and the last


Hah! I get to avoid that. No romance here! :smiley:

Are they mates though?


Around 3,000. I started with smaller chapters too, around 1,500 but they just kept growing haha.

Sort of… they come from different cultures. The idea of fated mates doesn’t exist in hers, and in his culture, it exists but not as magical unique bond, it’s more of a compatibility thing.


3,000 is still acceptable, although it’s closing in on the max comfortable range for most readers

There are no fated souls, like at all? Or is it like, “We don’t believe in it - but crap, it just happened to me”


Nice! Sounds like you hit on a great balance of updating without too much stress. Smaller word counts don’t work well with my writing style, because I have to structure chapters as mini-arcs within the larger arc of the whole story to balance all the emotional and atmospheric things I stuff in there. It means the length blows up to 5,000 words a pop, but it also sets the pacing and plot at a fast clip.

@aneonsky Yeeeah, a consistent schedule has always been the devil on my back. That was one of my New Year’s resolutions, to get better about that! :laughing:


There are not fated souls at all. In her culture they value rationale and control of the “animal side” over everything so the idea of having no control over who they love doesn’t fit well with them. In his culture they have mythological stories about fated mates but it doesn’t translate to their everyday life, there is no magical bond when they first meet or a special look, smell or whatever that lets them know they’ve met their mate…