Werewolf Readers, Writers, and Lovers! Come talk 🐾


Making an author page on facebook

Yes… I believe in the Uurion gods and my political preference goes out to my order of psychopathic mages. Good luck trying to abuse that information in elections. HAH!


Hi guys! I’m back, no longer MIA. How are all of you?


I started a fantasy serialized story about a werewolf swordsman. That totally counts, right?


CMIIW but i believe it counts. It has a werewolf in it…


Hey, whats up?



My lore’s all up to date :slight_smile: Time to come hang out in here


*crickets *


I loooove werewolf genre!


It can be pretty fun to read and write in, as long as it isn’t suuuuuper cliche


It’s up to us to write what others can’t provide :slight_smile: Break those cliche’s!




Made it to Round 2 of The Open Novella Contest, now I have 14 days to write 6000 words… Kill me xD






How are youuuu


Sick, unfortunately xD I’m currently trying to get a chapter finished so I don’t miss my update slot whilst dealing with minor dizziness and ear pain. Ugh xD


Oh no, feel better! :calmwolf:

How long is the chapter?


It’s currently 1747 words and I aim for just over 3K xD I only wrote 300 words yesterday, so most of it is being written tonight


X3 You can do it NG!