What advice do you give to a new wattpad writer?

Recently started my writing journey and I need your advice on how to succeed

Advice that Wattpad, itself, gave me in my three years of presence, and semi-presence, here:

  • Write for yourself.
  • Love what you do.
  • Be patient.

Yeah, passion and patience are the only things that do truly work. There’s no miracle with writing, you reap what you sow…


You really do have to do it for yourself. Reads, votes, and comments are fun but sometimes you hit a plateau. You just have to remember why you started writing in the first place and push through :slight_smile:


All agreed! :slight_smile:

There is a series off stuff that you can do to get your story out there , but depends on you mostly and how much time and effort you want to put in :slight_smile:


If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out :smiley:

What are some of the stuff I could do to get my story discovered?

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Thank you

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Don’t worry if you don’t get a lot of reads or followers right away; network on the forums and they will come.


What I would do, is start with Read4reads. There is a huge part of the forum dedicated to it. You will read a part of someone’s story and they’ll do the same in return. Mostly giving comments on how to improve. It’ll boost your views and will gain you readers sometimes, plus helpful feedback.

Make sure to ShareYourStory in that thread under the right category, that might lure in some readers too.

Be active on the forums, be nice, helpful, and just interact with everyone :slight_smile: sometimes they’ll check out your story if they like you.

participate in user run contests on WP, they’ll give you views, feedback and sometimes more readers.

Also keep reading yourself, vote and comment, sometimes the author will return the favor

So conclusion: be active :slight_smile: and be patient :wink:


Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind

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Talk to people
Have fun
Wear sunscreen
Be open to other people’s opinions, but don’t necessarily take their advice. You have your own opinions too.


Be active in the clubs
Read and leave votes+comments
Be patient
Update regularly
Interact with your readers


I’m just going to copy and paste what I said to others who asked the same thing. Here it goes:

It depends on some factors:

  • first of all, know that gaining readers/followers will take time depending on what you post on here. Some people gain 100 followers/reads in their first month/week and sometimes people gain 100 in a year.
  • advertising on SYS threads (but don’t just rely on this)
  • sharing your story with people asking for recommendations in the forums. This helped me A LOT because I found a lot of people from the forums reading my most recent book and they enjoyed it which was super great. :slight_smile: Some people even said they were browsing through these forums, found interest in my book, and ended up reading it. :smiley:
  • using your book/characters in character/story games throughout the forums
  • Participating in feedback threads: Not only does this help improve your writing, but you can always find people who are interested in following you/reading more of your work.
  • Are your books in Wattpad’s favorite genre? Romance is Wattpad’s ultimate favorite and so is fanfiction. But yeah, Wattpad has predominantly Romance readers.
  • Is the story poorly written? Many readers leave once they notice repetitive grammar and spelling mistakes. I’m one of them tbh.
  • Book Clubs: This helps boost up your reads/followers and you can even make new loyal readers and friends
  • Contests: This also boosts up your readers/followers. I recently won first place in the romance category for a contest I joined and my reads and followers skyrocketed.
  • Also, try to respond to your comments. Readers love when we interact with them, so it makes them want to comment more.

Before I did all of this, I was lucky enough to have readers before I started Wattpad. I used to write fanfiction on Tumblr and my followers were kind enough to continue following me on here. So that helped me a lot to gain many reads during my first week.

Overall, be patient. Your readers will come eventually. Just be nice and put yourself out there. Make friends in the forums. Read other books and leave fun/nice comments. Update your story regularly (preferably on Thursdays or Fridays because the algorithms will become your best friend). And most of all, have fun! :slight_smile:

Also, I heard once you start getting like 500 reads a day, that means you’re in a certain percentage that makes it easier to find your book on Wattpad.


Make friends and finish your story offline before posting it.


Thank you for these great advice

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If you need more help, you can always pm me. Love to help new authors out

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So much good advice here!
One thing Id add is dont stress over reads, votes, comments, etc especially if your work is in-progress/incomplete. A lot of people on here dont like to read incomplete stories (which I dont blame them, I wouldn’t want to wait) so dont fret early on. They’ll come in time


I’ll be patient

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I think the biggest thing is to be active and be patient. Getting readers and votes takes time and a lot of hard work and a bit of luck. But a lot of new writers think they’ll automatically get famous as soon as they start posting and that’s not how this works. This is a social media site and people somehow forget that. You’re supposed to connect and make friends and read other works. Don’t just expect readers to come when you’re not putting in the work.

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