What age/year/whatever did you start writing?


Like, when did you really first discover you could or wanted to write? Also, what also keeps you writing even to that day you started?

For me… I started in 5th grade. I wrote a short story about my two cousins meaning Casper for the first time. My teacher gave it a lot of praise and said I had a talent for writing. I didn’t really actually pick it up full-time until maybe my late teens. I first started dabbling with fanfiction, but I felt like that wasn’t right for my talents… so I moved onto original fiction.

What keeps me writing is that it helps me express myself more. I’m somewhat bad at verbal and emotional expression, which has a lot to do with my autism. So, when I write… I find it’s a much better way for me to get out my thoughts and all that. People are often shocked at how well I write while having autism.


I started writing in elementary school. My first poem was about The Last Unicorn :unicorn:

At 12 years old, I started my first novel. I took a long break from it but that novel was actually Shortlisted for the 2018 Wattys.


Around 2006, but seriously around 2010.


When I was 12 back in 2009. I wrote my first story that took place in the forest. I was thinking of rewriting it since it was a short story




I guess 12 is just the age writers are born


I was 8 and it was not terrible for an eight year old. Obviously it makes me chuckle now to look back. I got seriously into writing at age 12, and I think it probably was pretty terrible. But I had fun and thought I rocked, so that’s that!


I started writing in high school. I just had a really overactive imagination and decided to start writing things down. I ended up taking a creative writing course and wrote stories in there.

What keeps me writing is the ability to really let out my emotions and thoughts in a story, as if they are the characters emotions and thoughts. I don’t always feel like I can talk to people about some things, so I put my characters into similar situations as me (or even completely different situations that would elicit the same emotions in response) and then let loose with how they feel and react and what they think. It’s a place to vent without people knowing I’m venting.


I wrote little things when I was an early teen. Then I progressed to some cringey fanfiction. I discovered role-playing some time in high school. I did that on paper with my friends and then later on Gaia. when I moved out and started being an adult, my creativity died for a while. Then sometime last year I got back into touch with an old RP buddy. I realized how much I missed the universe we built in our younger days. I started The True Covenant to codify the history that predated the RP and to add some depth to the people and places of that world.


I’m pretty sure it was in second grade


2009, when I was 14. But took me looooonnnnggg enough to realize that I want to make a career in it.


when I first learned to write. Almost. I loved creating stories when I was only 7-8years old… and was told I was doing a great job. Never really stopped, but I’ve improved a lot. Especially because of Wattpad.

I like many things, but writing is the only escape that actually makes me feel better. I think it might’ve saved me a few times as well.


I was eight. Twenty-two years later, and it’s still one of my very favorite things.


I really loved science fiction and wrote a couple stories for class about explorers landing on far planets and getting mysteriously devoured. They were poor copies of things I’d read.

The first piece I originated was about birds. Our house was on the cliffs above Lyttelton Harbour, South Island, New Zealand, in a scrap of native bush. The morning chorus of birdsong is extraordinary and I slept with a window open so I could wake up to it.

When I was eight or nine, I would go downstairs before dawn, stoke the woodburner, and make a pot of tea. Then I’d sit at my desk by the window and make up dialogues with birds as characters: Tui, Bellbird, Magpie, Morepork, Cuckoo, Fantail, Gull, Shag, Harrier. Sometimes I’d make them resemble people I knew.

Never turned any of it in for school, thinking I’d be laughed at. I wish I could find that notebook.


The first time I tried writing anything was in college when I was 18 or 19. I didn’t get anywhere with it and gave up on the hobby for quite a while. I didn’t write a word after that until I was 23 and only finished a story the year after that when I decided to try National Novel Writing Month and finished a story from concept to first draft in 30 days.

That was a year ago now, and I haven’s stopped writing since.


Thing is, I don’t know for sure. What I do know is that I was very small, and my own memory and other people’s accounts vary a little.

According to myself, I was seven when I first started typing a story into my dad’s old laptop and randomly made up some stuff about a girl and a talking squirrel becoming friends. (The thing had multiple chapters and I wanted to write 100 pages, but eventually I lost interest after like… five? Ten?)

According to my mom, it was in kindergarten; she apparently found some stories I scribbled down at age five(ish?) that I have no real memory of writing. They weren’t made-up stories as far as I can tell, but written more like fiction than accounts of real stuff happening, so… they half count?

And then there was the time at age six (or so) when I tried to write a book about dinosaurs and gave up after three sentences.


I was seven. Fifteen years later and I’m still going strong. See? Some things do last forever.


I think my friend took me to my first creative writing class when I was nine. Still going strong ten years later. You’d really think I ought to be better at this point :woman_shrugging:


Hmm, I can’t really remember if I first started writing in seventh or fifth grade. So, maybe around 2011 and 2012. But I never really thought about writing that much before I started. It began after my old best friend let me read the stories she wrote and I decided after seeing how much passion she had for it that it seemed fun, but it was during freshman year in 2014 (age 15) when I actually took it seriously. I was around the age of 12 or 13 when I first started writing during middle school.


The first time I wrote stories was when I was six. I wrote two short stories, about four or five pages each. I didn’t do much more till I was ten, when I read a creative essay I wrote for school. It was pretty good, and I decided to start writing stories again. But I kept starting new stories without finishing them though. At 14, I finally came up with an idea I didn’t want to ever drop. The story has been in the works for 6 years now.