What age/year/whatever did you start writing?


I started writing at 12. I joined youtube so I could comment on this dudes videos and I discovered youtube stories and wrote my own for fun. I continue to write because it helps me escape reality (#Craddicts) and I need to somehow survive this world ha ha.


I feel like the odd one out here starting at 19 lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I started writing at seven. I devoured a lot of Enid Blyton books at that age, so it wasn’t any surprising that I wanted to create my own stories, too. I wrote short stories, little drabbles here and there, and composed a full-length high fantasy ‘novel’ at eleven after watching the first Lord of the Rings movie.

What keeps me writing is the fact that writing is my escape; something which only I have total control of. It also keeps me sane, gives me a schedule to live by, and relieves stress.


I started writing when I was twelve (in seventh grade), back in 2009. It was right after I finished reading the Twilight series (the first book I ever read) that made me want to write. I loved how you could write whatever you wanted, place the characters in all kinds of situations, and whatnot.

I keep writing for all kinds of reasons:

  1. Become published.

I want to be published one day. Most specifically, I want writing to become my full-time career so I can focus on making content for a living rather than dealing with crappy jobs that I don’t really like. I continue writing because I want to improve myself so one day, I could become published.

  1. Coping mechanism.

I’ve been struggling with severe depression since I was nine years old. I don’t have the money for medication or therapy, and quite frankly, I’m the kind of person to bottle up my emotions because it’s hard for me to express my thoughts clearly and makes me feel embarrassed because I always feel like my thoughts and emotions don’t matter to anyone when there’s more important things to stress and worry about (AKA financial living situations). So my mental health, personally, has always been at the bottom of the totem pole for years. When I was attempting to take my own life at the age of thirteen, I went into a very dark place that could’ve resulted in harming others that is, if I had the ability to. But when I found writing, it became my coping mechanism. So, since then, it’s been a healthier form of self-therapy (free, might I add haha), and it’s helped me get through so much pain and suffering throughout the years. :blush:

  1. Because it’s awesome.

I have a huge passion for writing now that I’m very close to it. I can’t think of what my life would be like without writing (it’d be very sad if I stopped) and it’s just an amazing way to be creative and fun! :hugs:


I first started in 2003, when I first became addicted to fanfiction. I then read so many horrible, ghastly, gawd awful crappy fics that I decided I could write better than that, and tried it myself. _〆(..)


I started writing in 6th grade I think. It was mainly pretty bad fanfiction but then I drifted away from it and started writing romance. I’m currently working on a general fiction trilogy. The first book has a full first draft and the second is in the outlining stage. I am also almost halfway done with the rough draft for a teen fiction book. There are about two chapters of another teen fiction I’m working on. So I have a lot of work in progress. I’ve been told by an old high school English teacher that I have a really good talent for fiction writing and she was surprised. So I guess that has to count for something.


9, in the third grade. I was writing diary entries at the time and would write every single day. That’s when I really got into writing. Recess was all about writing in my diary behind the slide. Too fun!


I started when I was like 5 (I would dictate stories to my dad, who would type them) but realized I really liked creative writing for fun when I joined Wattpad, in 2012. Seven years later, and I’m still loving it!


I started writing VERY short stories in sixth grade. My first story was about the Teddy Bears’ Picnic. Unfortunately, I didn’t save any of my stories. I took up writing again a week or so ago :grin:.


Not sure if I win the prize here for latest bloomer :grin:, but I started writing for fun in July 2017. I was 42. :blush:

Of course, I wrote stories for school assignments from second grade into high school. But it was always something I did reluctantly, something I couldn’t wait to be done with. I loved writing and playing music, but prose didn’t give me the same pleasure.

And now I can’t imagine not doing it! I continue writing because I’m swamped with ideas, and I’ve developed a cast of characters who almost feel like real people to me, and whose stories I want to tell. I’ve also gotten some really great responses after posting my first story on WP three weeks ago - the feedback and praise definitely help inspire me! :heart:


12 and I sound like an 8 years old due to my wrong grammars and all, but according to my friends, they like my stories. Hence now, I’m taking the risk to see where this leads me.


i started writing poetry just last year (surprising to some people)


I started writing poetry in fourth or fifth grade. I started my first book in seventh grade, in 1997. I finished it I think my sophomore year?


My mom spent hours and hours reading to me when I was little - so much so that I think I actually might have learned to read before I started kindergarten. I can remember narrating my thoughts in 3rd person as though I was a character in a book when I was in elementary school. And I’ve always loved creating stories, but I never really shared them with anyone. I wrote a few of my stories in a quasi comic-strip form because I was really interested in the visual aspect of my stories. What the characters are doing, where are they looking, what are their expressions, what are they doing with their hands, etc. That would have been around the time I was 11-12. I transitioned to actually writing stories later when I got a laptop when I was maybe 14. A lot of the stuff I wrote as a young teenager was garbage and I deleted most of it.

I kinda gave up on writing when I was a freshman in college and trashed everything else I’d written. Some of my favorite stories still danced around in my head from time to time, but I did my best to ignore them. My boyfriend at the time had me convinced that it was wrong for me to be daydreaming about the characters I’d invented who didn’t actually exist and that I should spend my time thinking about him, I guess. About two years after purging all my writing, I started to write again. A few months later I made my Wattpad account and posted all that remained from my early writing days (creative writing for school assignments). Additionally, I started working on one of my favorite stories that first took root in my imagination when I was 15.

While I’m a little sad that I deleted so much of early writing, that one story really did benefit from the time I spent away from it and the complete scrapping of the original version. Also, I dumped that boyfriend, who really was a whole nest of issues. Some of my other story ideas from my teenage years are coming back to me now and I’ve started outlining at least one of them. I’ve got a completely new story I just dreamed up in this past year that I’ve started writing again. In this past year I’ve rediscovered the joy I found in writing when I was a teenage and now that I’ve started sharing my stories for the first time it’s really amazing to see how readers respond to my little imaginations.

Writing is a great form of self expression for me. I’m an engineering student and I’ve really never thought of myself as being artistically-inclined. I like math and science, numbers and facts. I’m also very introverted and I don’t excel at in-person communication and relationships. I’m very awkward at times and have difficulty expressing ideas and thoughts without tripping over my own tongue. Sometimes it seems like there’s a disconnect somewhere between my brain and my mouth. I’d much rather spend my free time lost in my imagination than going out with friends (especially since I’m in my last semester of engineering school, have 3 jobs, and a regretfully high baseline stress level). But in my imagination, I can create characters who can express their feelings or exude confidence the way I wish I could. I can create a scene in which I know what both characters are thinking and I completely understand why they react the way they do. As a (future) engineer, I love things that make sense to me. In my writing, the relationships between my characters make sense to me on a level that I can’t (or maybe just haven’t yet been able to) achieve in real-life.

So I guess you could say writing is therapeutic for me. It certain helps me relieve stress, until I start thinking about the massive project I’ll have to start soon for a doctorate-level class I’m in or the project I should currently be working on for another graduate-level class I’m taking or the research I’m supposed to be doing so that I can present my findings to a bunch of people who know way more about my field than me breathes into a bag… But yeah, writing is great! It’s also really fun to imagine how my characters would interact with people in my everyday life. Like if my tough-girl character Roz ran into my stalkerish ex-boyfriend, what would she do? I look the other way and pray he doesn’t try to talk to me, but she’d probably roll her eyes, flip him the bird and tell him where to shove it. It’s a freeing feeling.


I started writing in notebooks when I was twelve (2011), mainly high fantasy or short stories. However, I didn’t really begin taking seriously until I was almost fourteen. I stopped writing when I was fifteen… there was a lot going on in my life at that time and I became extremely depressed, and I gave up nearly everything I loved. I haven’t really written anything until this past year, and spent last fall plotting my novel. At this current time I think of myself as a new writer, as I never completely found my voice or style when I was younger. I decided to start writing again because not doing so left me feeling vacant, in a sense.

What keeps me writing now… is it’s an outlet for my creativity. I have a very active imagination, and always have various ideas manifesting in my mind for stories. I also love exploring themes, and morphing experiences in my life into a fictional story, even if it’s only a minor aspect in the plot. It helps me deal with things I’ve been through. I also enjoy exploring thoughts, I tend to question everything and anything, and I’m always searching for answers - I love expanding upon those thoughts in my writing :smile:


I started at 22 and I relate. The first thing I wrote for myself was in my last semester of college. I’d always been more interested in reading before that point.


Me too! I was always buried in a book growing up but it never really occurred to me to try writing until college


I was 8 when I wrote my first story, but only took it up seriously at thirteen.


Enid Blyton was a huge inspiration for my first story


I started writing in 2011 (I joined Wattpad in 2011.) in high school due to my English, reading and creative writing teachers wanted to challenge me with writing since I always randomly wrote property, short stories, and other writing stuff in tons of different notebooks. The funny thing, I have never finished writing my first novel but I am still working on it because of lots of things like my health. I am now a college student who is studying creative writing and possible nursing. I have been writing mostly since I was a child due to reading lots of young adult fiction novels, my mother was a teacher, she inspired me to start writing after seeing my reading a lot. She means the world to me, and she loves it when I read her my work and even helps me with many things in order to get stronger with my writing skills. I am on different social media websites that are reading and writing platforms which I am happy to share if anyone is interested. As much as I love Wattpad, I think it’s important to get involved with other platforms because you can read many more novels that are written by other people around the world. Don’t get me wrong Wattpad is a good website but there is something that Wattpad needs to improve with things like contests, Watty’s awards, and many other things. If anyone needs any help, please feel to message post on my Wattpad or me, if you need any help at all and it can be anything. I am happy to help new members of Wattpad. I do have some novels that I think you will like, you can check them out if you like. If you need anything, just let me know and I love helping new people out.