What age/year/whatever did you start writing?


I got into at 11 years old.


Honestly, I love the junk I wrote at that age. It was totally a rip-off of other books I loved at the time, but that’s what helped me learn! I was mostly frustrated that no one around me (except my mom. Hi Mom!) took my elementary school scribbling seriously.

They paid more attention in middle school, and in high school I snagged a contest win and that shook some folks up. Now they’re as gung-ho as I am about it all.


True. I have a printed copy of my first story at home. It brings back so many memories


I was 14 I think


I was in middle school. But I drew comics instead of writing.


I was making picture books using white paper when I was 4 or 5. My mom would write in the words. When I was in 4th Grade, I wrote my first really short chapter book about a girl being kidnapped. The family ended up rescuing her many years later. The girl became queen of the country she was taken to at the end of the story. I began writing from there.


In the year 2013, a few months before making my Wattpad account. I was in eight grade and began writing about the marker. Somehow, the turned into a story about a girl coming back from prom and eventually it became a completed novel under the tittle “Fairy Tales Never Come True.”

I actually hated writing, it’s weird to know that now it’s one of my passions.


For me, I wrote my first story in about 3rd grade. For a third grader, I thought it was the best story ever. It was about me and my cousin beating up a “bad guy” trying to rob a bank.

I dipped in and out of writing, but now I’m here just doing what I love to do.


I’ve always been writing, it used to be songs and poems from about age 8. I started writing fiction when I was in the 8th grade (so 13?). It used to be a coping mechanism for me, and now I do it just because. I have so many ideas or characters in my head that I feel I’ll go nuts if I don’t write them.


Been writing ever since I was taught to write and read a lot of stories. I remember writing about a nice “James P. Sullivan” type of monster who came out of hibernation? And started looking for something. He started eating some fruits but none of them met his taste until he ate the banana. (Idk, at that time I never liked bananas that much so I don’t understand why I would a banana as the favourite fruit for the monster) I think I was as young as 4 or 5. Had diaries, took part in competitions and wrote essays. So that’s where I took up writing.


Before I write about my experience, I just wanna say I loved reading about all of you guy’s experience with writing. I’m a sucker for reading other people’s person stories - seeing how they all relate yet are all so different from each other. So, I read this thread and dropped many :heart:s :smile:

All you guys be awesome :blush:


throws a bouquet of flowers at you so are you


For me, I started when I was in 6th grade. I had an addiction with reading fantasy books and I always imagine myself in them :disappointed_relieved:. My family used to travel a lot and when we go to different places, I started having wild imagination about all these fantasy world business. I wrote my first book in that very 6th grade. I think I named it Secret Locket or something which was an embarrassing, cringe worthy read. My English was also broken at time. Then, I started going into writing fanfiction when I discovered Wattpad. At that time fanfiction section (esp anime) was so glorified that I wrote a few. Then after that phrase was over, I went into writing fiction and found my field which is fantasy and that’s when I was around 13.


It’s hard to say exactly when… Though I say my official age is 12 (a common trend I’ve come to realize :grin:), the earliest I can remember enjoying writing was in kindergarten. We had to write journal entries every day that usually had a prompt. But one day we go to write whatever we wanted and I wrote a “page” long story about having monster friends. My teacher was proud of me and had me read it to all the kindergarten and first grade classes. My little kindergarten ego was greatly fed that day :rofl:

After that (like the 2nd-6th grade time), I went to another school where you had to do various assignments with spelling words, and I LOVED when we were assigned to write stories using the words in our spelling list. I was legitimately shocked the first time I heard students saying that it was the worst of the spelling assignments. In one of these assignments, I remember misspelling how I want to name one of my villains and naming him Dr. Hemroid :skull::rofl:

My mom was the first one to really see my potential to write and greatly encouraged me. Unfortunately it backfired a bit when she encouraged me to apply to an art school with creative writing and… Let’s say the scores were less than satisfactory, which wounded my confidence for a couple years. But in middle school my interest was revived due to a teacher’s encouragement and creating my first OC. I did eventually make it into an art high school, though under a different focus. My mom kept dropping hints for me to switch to CW and I finally got accepted to CW my 12th grade year. Sometimes mother knows best :yum::laughing:

So this is my very abridged writing story. Thank you for attending my TedTalk


I started writing stories in little notebooks from the time I learned how to write. I used to make a lot of little comic strips and stuff too.

I started taking it more seriously the minute I started writing in English which was in 2015. Writing in English just did a whole lot of difference for me. I feel much more confident in my storytelling - even if it isn’t my native language and I do have slip ups and stuff.

What keeps me writing is my passion for it. And Wattpad. Wattpad has helped a whoooole lot :smile:


I started writing song lyrics and poems when I was 6 or 7. I think first grade, which was a looooooong time ago. Not quite when dinosaurs roamed the earth but pretty close. Now, I just sit in front of the computer wishing I could write.


Elementary school. Fifth grade in particular.


I started my first story when I was 13. I made a pact with a friend that each of us will write a book by the end of that school year. It was a lot of fun coming up with various plot lines, giving each other feedback and bouncing ideas off each other. Simpler times, lol


I started writing when I was 13, so a year ago.

I was reading a lot of mangas and watching a lot of anime at the time and thought to Myself:

“I want to make one”

And… well… It’s a bit embarrasing but what keeps Me going is that I want to make an anime of My own.


That’s great to know! :smiley:

I knew I loved writing when I was, maybe eight or ten years old. And I started writing my first book at the age of eleven. It was supposed to be a mystery story inspired by Enid Blyton (not a fanfiction, a completely different idea). I scrapped it now, although I still have the ideas and the characters somewhere on my laptop. And then, I went on to write poetry, more novels (which turned out better than my first), and also, a few short stories.