What age/year/whatever did you start writing?


Haha! I like how you wrote that! So witty!
Do you have any stories on Wattpad? I’d like to take a look-see.


Aw, thank you. I do have a few stories on Wattpad. I have a seriously horrible story that I actually witnessed someone nearly wet their pants while reading it in a Starbucks.

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Haha, when I was in 2nd grade I wrote a story about two friends that were also bumblebees and they went searching for a magic flower that would do something, I can’t honestly remember what. But I remember buying cool flowered printer paper and drawing each page illustration on Microsoft Paint :joy::joy::joy: I ended up getting a little award at the end of the year for “most creative writer”
I’ll have to ask my mom if she still has it!
Then I didn’t really write anything until my senior year of highschool, when I started writing a book about a teenage girl who lives through a zombie apocalypse (that was at the height of the zombie craze) and finds herself the last woman on earth with this guy that she was in love with but never noticed her. The big twist is that outside of their little town the world had nipped the zombie apocalypse in the bud, and it never really spread to a larger area, the gov’t successfully quarantined and eliminated the virus, and she knows it, but lets him believe they still are the last survivors on earth so she can be with him. I never finished it though, and the laptop it was on died years ago. RIP.
Then I didn’t write anything until this january (I’m 27 now), when I went to a psychic for fun with my friend and my mom and he told me that I needed to write the book I was thinking about by the end of the year!! It was totally crazy, I had only mentioned it as an idea I had to a few close friends, posted nothing about it on facebook, nothing. I never really believed in psychics or any of that, I just went because it’s always fun (and this one was at a local brewery that has bangin’ microbrews) but I figured out of reasons to write a book, that’s a pretty good one!!

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When I was like 10 I started using wattpad because I was just trying to cope with the fact that I had an over active imagination along with the fact that my family couldn’t afford for me to be properly educated.
Still not properly educated, but I’m writing more.


My first completed novel was give or take at age 12.


I didn’t even enjoy reading or writing until 13, which is when I learned how to actually read properly. I had jumped 4 grades in one summer because of it. I also started writing my first novel, then (which is not up).

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I started when I was 11. And I just learned to write properly.


I started writing when I was about 11/12. Until I was 15, I mainly did writing in notebooks and they were all about this outlaw with a talking pet cat in a world with floating islands.

I’ve kept writing since then because I find it very therapeutic as a way to explore my feelings and escape reality for a while. I also love the feeling of telling a story to other people and bringing them on a ride through the world’s that I create.


I started writing when I was about ten so it’s been Thirteen years since then.


Haha, I was late to the party… almost 16 :slight_smile:
And to be honest, I’d never even considered it before. I was a pretty avid reader, and had a little world of my own, but I had never really liked the writing assignments I got in school, and had never written for fun. Then I decided to start recording what went on in the little world.

1800 pages and six years later…

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I was nine years old, that was 2002, omg! I was just listening to this song :grinning:
however, I completed my first book when I was 23 years old, back in 2016, ah, the good old days!


2014 since DeviantArt and Wattpad’s earliest years.


Never in my life have i been a reader or writer, never have i even finished a book. About 2 months ago my sister challenged me to write a story that i day dream about alot…havent stopped :smile:


That should be a good motivation.


I think like 13 or 14? That was when I wrote my first book and I felt like I could really do writing, and I kept going from there. I haven’t completed a book since then lol

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Hm,i think i had 14 when i wrote my first poetry ,and until18 took a break,then started more serious from 21.
In 2008 also started prose. I have few books completed and a lot to end

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End of third grade, nine years old. I was used to writing down stuff that happened to me, since our teacher always made us do journal entries. Eventually I got tired of writing mundane “this weekend I did ___” and started writing fiction.

I didn’t start posting online/taking writing seriously until I was about twelve, though.

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I was 12 and I killed a bird. The cold winter in my short story did, at least. It made me sad so I wrote a short romance story afterward.
Spent my teenage years writing fanfiction as “training” (it’s also when I swapped over to writing in English) then I veered off to original content in my early twenties.

What keeps me writing is the feeling of writing. I feel so elated whenever I come back to one of my older works and realize “I did this”. Even if it’s bad, even if it’s cliché and even if it’s boring, I wrote that. It’s my brainchild. It makes me feel both proud and accomplished. It’s my “thing”.

Obviously, I’d like to become a published author someday but for now, I’m content to just put my thoughts on paper and share them here. :blush:

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About a year ago in my mid 50’s


I actually started writing novels in seventh grade I think. xD I didn’t complete my first book (not the original story) when I was a sophomore in high school. Not college.

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