What age?


Idk, maybe it’s a Starbucks reference? XD





or perhaps i was trying too hard to be aesthetic~

honestly my aesthetic and personality has changed drastically since ive last actively used wattpad. i feel so strange coming back here sksksk

anyways how r u!!




It’s ok, you’ll find a new aesthetic that you’ll stick with. uwu

Pretty good! I’m going to a play later. XD


At least you don’t have only 1.1k cause you haven’t been able to access the forums for months. </3


RIP Zec. T^T


im in that emo grunge aesthetic rn and its too good i love it sm

oooh, what play? also what time is it for you? its like 8am here


Whut have I done?


@K44RGO LOL :joy::joy::joy:


Yeeah don’t encourage him.



Fodder ily don’t hurt ty.


I mean I find the concept of “losing” your first kiss or your virginity in general to be extremely toxic and unhealthy though I respect those who do wait for the right person. I just don’t think there should be o much pressure on girls (usually it’s girls) to be pure and the idea of pureness in general. You’re not suddenly used and dirty because you kissed someone or had sex.

Personally, I believe the first time I kissed someone was when I was eight. It was not pleasant. But I put that under ‘childish playing’ and not actually a kiss.


I think, at this point, I should plan on never having a “first kiss” lol.


Havent’ kissed anyone yet.
16 years old.
Not a choice though, I’d get my ass whopped cause brown parents.
But also, never really ‘fell in love’ or liked anyone (irl at least) so, don’t feel like i’m necessarily missing out on anything.


I agree. Anything that presents intimacy as “losing” something is a really harmful manifestation of purity culture. It paints people as being somehow less than they were if they choose to be intimate with someone and it sets a very harmful narrative for people who have been abused and/or assaulted.

I personally don’t count abuse as my first anything.

My first kiss with a boy was some time in elementary school, can’t remember what age exactly.
My first kiss with a girl was my freshman year of high school. So I think I was 15?
I don’t consider either as losing anything.


Agreed with all of that/ My heart goes out to sexual abuse victims who end up in abstinence only class and see those gross tape or chewing gum demostrations.

Like how terrible that must feel.

And how wrong in general those demonstrations are. Especially because they usually only apply to women. I’ve never see the chewing gum/tape thing done to a boy. It’s always a girl.


It’s messed up. Compare it to where I am (the middle east), that’s considered moderate (if not liberal). If I even hold a boy’s hand, I’d be called a slut. Honestly, awful. (I’m gay though, so joke’s on them I guess?)

You can barely walk outside with a boy without getting funny looks and glares.


That’s awful. And I bet it’s even worse if you’re gay. like can hyou even be openly gay???

Seriously the way the cultures we live in are about sex…smh. And it’s never the guys who get punished.


por que lo lamentas ?