What Annoys You About Wattpad?

This thread talks about annoying things you find on Wattpad.

The romanticism of abusive relationship is one if the things that annoys me on Wattpad, not being able to use emoji’s in the private messages is another.

Tell me what annoys you on Wattpad.

Wattpad constantly breaking into the wine cabinet, resulting in the hangovers that we have to deal with.


Rude people and being unable to actually BLOCK someone. Not mute, not ignore, i mean block someone as you both can’t talk to each other and can’t see each other’s accounts. That’s what i want on Wattpad despite how many people might block me.


I think what annoys me the most is people unfollowing you when they only follow you because they want a follow back, and then unfollowing you when they realize that’s not going to happen.


When other writers put your book in reading lists that are titled mean things and there’s nothing you can do.


Things being broken and never fixed.

Wattpad “running and not walking” with updates.

Inability to properly ban plagiarizers and hate accounts (via IP ban, to also remove the possibility of creating new accounts and hit the “main account” for an actual punishment for the action).

I could go on, but… don’t wanna.


Yeah, the romanticizing of abusive behavior in relationships really makes me uncomfortable and some people just being plain mean while saying they are being constructive even though they aren’t offering any insight, just being downright rude. It doesn’t happen to me but it really annoys me when I see it happen in comments on other people’s stories.


extremely creepy and obsessive fanfics written by the youngins on the website. like… they get scary sometimes.


We need an unfollow feature!


Don’t we already have unfollow feature?


Like an app that tells you who just unfollowed you? I have one for my Instagram account, which is not good for telling you who is not following you. Twitter works much better like this, you look at who you follow in one big interface and it tells you which ones are following you. That would be very useful in Wattpad.

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I thought you meant a feature like you can unfolow people. I guess so, but I think it’s can be dangerous.
People should getting followers because somebody liked their work not because they expect that person to follow them. It’s people’s right to unfollow if they got uninterested of people’s content.


Lack of research in about specific topics (abuse, crime, sexual violence). Stalking, gaslight, and controlling behavior = romantic.


I am new here, but I know Twitter and Instagram quite well. I know on those platforms some people build followers by following people, they then unfollow them. Such people are scum, and it is with great pleasure that I go through my lists and kick off people that I only followed as a courtesy.

On Wattpad, I follow every writer who follows me, partly as a courtesy, partly because I assume they are actually interested in my stories and so may write things I would in turn be interested in. At the moment I am not concerned with followers in Wattpad, I care about people who want to read my stories, and I am new so I only have a few followers.


Then yeah, this is definitely tricky.


If I read one more blurb about plucky young girl defying her oppressive arranged marriage I will vomit.


you took the words right out of my mouth!


I hate that all the written works are arranged vertically. When I go to a prolific writers profile, it’s just one long list of books and it makes the books look unappealing.


Followers are still very important.

  1. They can be very helpful in finding more readers.

  2. A high number of followers look good on your profile. If a lot of people follow you, it tempts readers to give your work a try.

  3. The largest amount of your followers should be organic, meaning there should be a gap between how many people follow you and how many you follow. That also is a good thing for readers to see.

  4. They can direct you to tools, contests, updates on Wattpad and promotion.

It can tell you a lot about the quality of your stories. I would say followers should be a goal right now since you are new but comes after making sure you are updating on a regular basis. It isn’t easy gaining them but it is important.

By the way, my advice isn’t just to follow back writers but look to see how many followers the reader has too. Those are all potential readers.


I follow people because they get news better than I do and spread it through the announcements, or they’re wonderful people to interact with. I don’t really follow people because they write interesting things, because I can easily find them by putting their books in my library.