What annoys you or turns you away from stories? New forums edition!



A place to vent about what writers should not do, and to propose how they could do it better ^-^

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The best way to describe, without being unintentionally offensive: I dislike general trope-presentations.

Where the author just borrows the tropes, without really making the work their own. They just see tropes and they’re like: “Hey, maybe this Mario clone might sell like hot cakes.”

In general, I don’t find that so much here. I have found iffy stories, but not for that issue.

To be absolutely fair though, part of this is self-deprecation, but it’s one major thing that really irritates me about my early work.


coughs about to publish a story that steals the entire badboy highschool cliche… ouch =P

I get your point, though


Yea I get that, I suppose I should say its 70% self-deprecation.XD

And I don’t want to be the one that starts something to subvert genre conventions, only to end up ironically setting those genre conventions.

Genres evolve, and I know my ideas of Cyberpunk is different from say … William Gibson’s or Bruce Sterlings.


What’s Cyberpunk and who are those two people?


Cyberpunk, I’ll try not to use my outdated dictionary from the nineties, though I’ll use some of it. It is defined by High Tech; Low Life. Specifically one could be as poor as someone who lives in a motel room (true story) and still have the money to make your own “Google Cardboard VR”. Generally there is a considerable amount of urban decay, although this doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be set in suburbia.

The issue is that, as I’ve written my own variation of the genre, it’s evolved more in “Cyberpunk influenced X” x being whatever other genre I’m experimenting with at the moment.

William Gibson took on Cyberpunk after Bruce Bethke, who coined the term more for marketing reasons, to describe something (ironically more like what I do), and added a lot of the dystopian alements we associate with it.

Bruce Sterling was one who, in a sense, encouraged William Gibson along the way during the eighties, and was the only one of the two that was actually punk. Later on writers would come and go from the genre for different reasons.

Hope that helps.


Is it like… ah no, forgot the name! That book that was recently turned into a movie, with the hunt on Halliday’s easter egg, won by a poor kid.


Ooh, posting soon <3


No but extremely similar, he definitely was influenced by it.

The biggest difference is Ready Player One is closer to Post Cyberpunk, with this kind of “Anti-Dystopian”, or what I like to call Lighter Shade Of Dystopia going on.

In Post Cyberpunk, the closest trope would be “Dystopia Is Hard”, not “Care Bears Is Techno.”


Bad grammar ticks me off. I know not everyone takes honors and AP English classes during high school, but there has to be some base level of grammar present in a story to draw me in. Forget about plot, characters, stereotypes, etc. Grammar, to me, is the most important thing. I don’t mean the occasional spelling slip or misuse of a comma. I mean the books where I can’t see the story through the layers and layers of misspelled words, lack of proper punctuation, etc.

I’m not perfect. I make grammatical mistakes ALL THE TIME; however, I make it a habit to fix them if anyone comes across them.

[End of Rant]


But honestly, you’re like a godsend. You help me so much in the grammar department :two_hearts:


:slight_smile: no problem


Honestly, it really ticks me off (mainly on Wattpad because I have trouble focusing on ebooks) when authors write 30+ chapter books, but the chapters are super long. I have a TON of difficulty focusing when I read online which is why I’m not as active at reading on Wattpad as I’d like to be.

Now, I don’t mind a good length chapter or a novel length book, but if a book has over 20-30 chapters and I find that the majority of them are estimated 2K+ words, I’ll likely drop the book or simply not read it. I’m sure those books are lovely and have wonderful stories, but I feel like I’d be cheating the author because I can’t focus well enough to get through their story and I’ll likely get bored halfway and quit reading.


My book lol



I don’t have anything against long stories, I simply try to stay away from them on Wattpad because I want to be able to give the author my full attention and I know I won’t be able to get through long stories.


Yeah, I would definitely agree with you on that matter. I’m a bit hypocritical, since I write long chapters, but it is pretty hard to keep scrolling through, especially on a small, hand-held device. I prefer actual books rather than e-books; for the sake of Wattpad, I definitely make myself read sometimes. I find it easier reading longer chapters on my computer though.

I pace myself with 2k, so it’s more of a limit for myself. And if I ever do publish it, it’ll have a good setup in place :smiley:


I write long chapters too, but a lot of my books are shorter. Like human is only 12 chapters, but each chapter is between 2K and 4K. My FanFic is longer sometimes, but for my longer chapter books I attempt to write shorter chapters. (Excepting Cuy’Val Dar I didn’t pace myself at all on that one and it’s like 29 chapters and 73,000 words…so long chapters and a lot of them)

I agree, reading real books is much easier.


What about 30 chapters of 500-900 word chapters? I was torn between either keeping it like that, or merging them into 17 normal length chapters.


Honestly, books with run-on sentences and/or really long drawn out paragraphs of description make me click off almost immediately. Overwritten books are so boring to me. I mean, a little description can be beautiful, but some Wattpad authors take the phrase “show don’t tell” WAY too far.


Oh, also! Opening chapters that start with the cliche, “Wake up and get ready for school” opening make me bolt immediately :joy: