What annoys you or turns you away from stories? New forums edition!





One thing that I find really annoying is when I can tell that a writer took the ‘everything that could go wrong, will go wrong’ thing to heart. I find it almost tiring reading a book when literally everything the main character plans or does, ends up as a complete disaster.

I read a trilogy (quite a popular one that shall not be named) where it was just constant betrayal, murder and torture, so much so that I stopped caring about the main character because I was like ‘oOoHh nNo, wHaT CouLd PoSsiBly gO WrOng nExT???111?’ and I couldn’t care about any of the characters because they’d either be killed off or turn out to be evil within the next five chapters


Oof. I’m sure that just comes from the serialized nature of the site, and feeling like you have to top yourself over and over again. It would definitely kill the story’s suspense


The thing is, it was an actual published book. I definitely feel like there’s pressure to continually up the suspense, but the lack of low energy scenes just made it so overwhelming.


Oh yeah, that’s worse. There needs to be downtime chapters not only for the characters to realistically recuperate but for the readers too. I guess that comes from acquiring a better understanding of pacing.


I HATE HATE HATE boring beginnings. If a character is starting on their “first day of school” or “wake up from a dream” or something like that, the book goes in the trash, or gets deleted from my library.

I DO, however, get weak-kneed over good dialogue. Good dialogue can make a boring scene or boring characters leap off the pages. I also respect when authors start in the middle of their stories, then go back and explain things. It keeps me interested, keeps me entertained, and usually makes it a wild start to an amazing book, IMO.


Something I had blissfully forgotten people really do until yesterday: Writing dialogue like this -

Me: “OMG i hate school”

Jessica: “OMG me too!”

Me: “Jason is soooooooo hot!!!”

That hurt to write. It hurts worse to read. Please learn to format dialogue I beg you.


when they don’t go through it again, and explain instead of showing. and please stop all that dialogue that isn’t telling us anything and just is there as a fill, i don’t want to waste my time if i don’t learn something from the dialogue. and a good cover and description of the story can also make a huge difference, and attract the right people. soo yeah


No. No. NO.


La boop


I’m not sure what’s worse - this or the walls of text where dialogue from every character in the scene is lumped together. I’m always debating with myself if I should mention dialogue formatting errors to the writer or not.


As someone who had no idea about how formatting on Wattpad worked when I first started uploading - definitely mention it. I didn’t even know about inline comments.

Seriously, you’d be doing the author a favour.


What if they ignore you, though? I’m reading a book that has a mistake at least once a paragraph, and one person actually pointed them all out. No comment of theirs has a reply


I suppose you’re right. Mine too was wrong the first time I posted something and a reviewer pointed it out. It’s just the difficulty of doing it without upsetting the author. Some take constructive feedback very badly.


It’s on them then for not wanting to make their story better. Or they just didn’t see it.


They might not be replying but still reading. Some people don’t reply to comments for some reason.

I didn’t know it was bad form to not reply to all comments when I signed up. Now I reply to ALL comments .

I usually go by “If they mention they want critique - I’ll offer it.” otherwise I don’t offer critiques at all. I can’t be fucked with someone screaming bloody murder over me trying to help them :woman_shrugging:


I reply on 8-9/10, depending on if it’s a comment spam or one or two comments. Those get answered regardless


I try to catch all the comments but it’s getting increasingly harder, so to all my readers out there whom I might’ve missed: I’m sorry! Wattpad is a glitchy bitch and your comments are getting buried in other notifications.

Off topic - it’d be nice if I could filter my notification feed and just see comments, or just see votes etc.


That would be really helpful! Not that I have many of anything (I’ve had an account here like four days), but the feed just feels busy.


They’ve finally merged all the announcements so that has cleared things up a little, but on busy days I just can’t find comments. #FirstWattpadProblems