What annoys you or turns you away from stories? New forums edition!



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What makes me absolutely crazy is reading books where a toxic relationship, even a dangerous one, is played out as romantic.

For example, I was reading this book, that I won’t mention, where the main character (let’s call her Jane) and the love interest (let’s call him Rafael (did you get the inspiration? It’s only for, the names not the story itself)) both have powers.

On their FIRST encounter, before they’d even spoken to each other, Rafael uses his powers, I kid you not, to arouse her, in their workplace, making her feel ashamed and worried, but not too late she’s forgotten about this. By the middle of the book, Rafael takes something of hers (can’t really remember what it was), and told her he’d only give it to her if she kissed him, which she did.

What annoys me about all of this is not the fact that Rafael is a sexual assaulter, but that everyone is perfectly okay with that, Jane included, and they all play it out like his just this kid pulling a girl’s ponytail on the courtyard to get her attention, or worse, like it’s romantic.
The plot itself looked reasonably interesting but when I realized the whole book was going to be around their twisted “love story”, I put it down instantly.

Anyways, what are your thoughts on that?


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I’m with you! It’s horrible!

There’s a lot of popular books that have nearly all their relationships be abusive ad toxic and somehow it’s seen as romantic…? I feel so sad when I see YA books do this especially, because I see girls my age shipping characters in this horrible relationship and wishing they had a boyfriend like the horrible male love interest in the book.

Sadly, the reality of those relationships is that the girl would end up badly injured and trapped or dead, not in a loving relationship.


If you teach them that abuse and toxic relationships are what’s healthy, you’re endangering the thousands of girls that read your work!


My single biggest pet peeve is quickly becoming casting lists. I tend to find them incredibly superficial, and they take me out of the story.

I just cannot for the life of me take a book seriously when the author feels the need to dedicate a chapter to showing me that all the named characters and their grandmas look like pretty Instagram models with bizarre eye colors and boy band members I’m too old to recognize. I know I sound like a crotchety old man with this (I kind of am), but it’s just so eyeroll-worthy to me.


I used to have one but people hate them so I deleted it. And I myself never remember other people’s casts unless it’s fanfiction or something. I have a mental cast and I am quite vocal about who I would want, but I never try to make people see my vision anymore, because everyone sees things differently.


Yeah, I feel you. I never really have a cast in mind simply because I write a lot of weird fantasy characters who I can’t find look-alikes for, unfortunately, and usually the face claims I see available are all incredibly attractive when few of my characters are.

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with having face claims in mind for yourself, though.


Im actually friends with a woman who DESPISED children. She thought they were disgusting. Now she’s on baby #2 and literally in love. It’s a very real thing that happens. Some writers write real situations. I don’t write this, but I just want to say it’s not always directed at people who don’t want children. It’s just a story being shared.


I hate when people write spoilers on the book I wish there was a report section for spoilers or that the author deletes them from the comment section


There’s a movie called What Happened to Monday. There are seven twin girls in this future world where everyone can only have one kid. And this couple has 7 girls who all are identical. They get named after the days of the week and only go out during the day they’re named after. Good movie…


Wasn’t that a book first because I heard about it from a friend


And they also have real names but they are called those days


Maybe. Im not sure. I just watched the movie and really enjoyed it. I recommended it to a co-worker a while back and he also loved it.


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It was a Wattpad book


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