What annoys you or turns you away from stories? New forums edition!



It was?


Guys, convo is nice, but it’s IYW


Oh, it is? Cool. I like seeing wattpad books get turned into a film. It’s inspiring.


Yeah. Spotted it in SYS


No no no


I doubt that you’d have to promote yourself in SYS if your book was published on paper and a movie. This is just someone randomly calling their MC Tuesday


It gives hope to us authors who only write on here. I would love if my stories got made into movies.

And no, there is actually a movie called What Happened to Monday. Its when Monday goes missing suddenly and her sisters have to find her. I was just saying that I’ve seen a character named after days of the week. That’s why I gave this movie as an example.


Yeah Wednesday Adams


I know we’re talking about separate things. It’s just the story where I got my “Don’t ever call your characters Tuesday” from - although in the case of those seven identicals, it’s possible, although weird


I’m seeing this more and more now that I’m reading more. Use proper punctuation! There are a lot of stories that have a decent plot, but if they lack basic punctuation, I will most likely stop reading.


nfvnfvono YES! This is the reason I have a grammar book right now. I am first working through the punctuation and capitalization bit because it’s often such a mess. I got the dialogue tag/beat covered, now I’m publishing a part on how to address characters and titles in dialogue. As in, where to put capitals, where to put commas, etc.


I admit I struggle with certain things, but some people don’t include periods or commas at the end of dialogue.

Including a long list story that I was reading!

Umm, what?!


Ever seen dialogue like this?

“Insert some very good dialogue here.” he said,


Yes! The long list story I was reading was missing punctuation in that! :confused:

I can send a pm later if you want. I need my sleep.


Or, to make matters worse…

“Kitten!”, She cried. “What? Where?”, the boy looked around to find it. “Over there. Shh, be silent.”, she said. “Come, kitty kitty.”, he said soothingly,


Yeah, go sleep. That’s important


There’s one thing, but I wouldn’t say I hate it I’m just so tired of it. When I pick up a good book with a relatable MC and I get to around chapter 15 when suddenly they discover that he/she has some ancestor blood of someone powerful and become this OP character, or something similar. I’m not saying this is a bad thing, I like some of these books, but it feels like lately every single book out there is like this. Can’t someone write a MC with a normal character build with no sudden leaps? :sweat:


Try CrystalScherer. Her books have no leaps


Thanks, I will check it out.


Hahah sorry, I may have gone a little overboard with the bold and italics for style