What annoys you or turns you away from stories? New forums edition!



Personal pet peeve of mine :stuck_out_tongue:

Same goes in stories. Never, ever, use bold. Italics are permitted for thoughts, telepathy, and special languages, though.


I’ve learned that bold is ugly in writing like that.


It is. And it gives me a headache, no matter where it’s used (unless it’s like a header)


When a character isn’t consistent. (Characters habits, way of speech etc)


Try writing a character who can’t speak with contractions.
You’ll get inconsistent very quick


There are some exceptions like those of course


Overused cliches or massive plot holes. I remember when I first joined and if you wanted a popular story literally all you had to do was write about a bad boy


It’s still that way. I can confirm that, having done an experiment with a bad boy book
(He actually sexually harrased the MC and some of the readers thought it was fine)


That’s what makes me nervous about the paywall too BUT that’s for a different place lol


Oof. You guys are brutally honest! Maybe I should post a little prologue to see how badly I fare.


This is not really the place for it, but you can make your own thread, post it there, tag me, and I’ll take a look


Hmm. Which section should I post it on? I just joined this community today and I’m a little overwhelmed with the Web format.


The same section as this one: Improve Your Writing :slight_smile:


Ah. Got it. Thanks!


I also hate super fast relationships. Where the MC knows someone for like A DAY and then the two fall instantly in love with each other!
This is me mostly ranting at Fantasy stories that I’ve read that do that, (since that’s 90% of what I read).

I’m all for adding romance into stories, but unless it’s a fairytale, I have pretty realistic expectations and NOBODY DOES THAT!


OMG. I feel the same way. Like they are already saying ‘I love you’ on the first date. I also hate when they have only been dating for like a week and when they break up the MC is like I will never love again




Unfortunately I had at one point wrote something similar to that theme, I plan to go back to that story to fix it up so it doesn’t look like the “BellaXEdward” type of sh*t XD.


Ugh, yes! And can we please retire that old trope? The formula is always the same:

  • Boy is terrible to girl (or boy)

  • Girl doesn’t care, because “she’s different from those other girls”

  • Girl realizes she is atracted to him because he does something stupid and careless

  • She thinks she can change him, but she can’t because “he had a rough life”

  • She realizes the fact that his parents divorced explains why he is an alcoholic at age 16

  • They kiss and he becomes another character

Happily ever after, roll in the credits