What annoys you or turns you away from stories? New forums edition!



… he has a six-pack :slight_smile:


I think a bit of cliche is fine but the over dramatic characters, that really bothers me. I still end up reading them somehow tho😂


I actually laughed out loud at this. I wasn’t going to watch The Kissing Booth, but my boyfriend really wanted to. rolls eyes lol. I thought it was cute, at first. But, felt the sexual harassment was poorly executed and the anger problems of the main dude ehhh. Some plot holes. But, I didnt think a young girl should watch it just because they didn’t deal with the sexual harassment or anger issues and they just sort of played it off…


XD lol.


Really confusing stories. Ones that are so over explained that I can’t make sense of any of it. I feel like people can make any concept interesting, romanticized werewolves, fanfiction, even bad boy billionaire stories can be done right. Seeing the tropes of those stories over and over can be annoying though. Also, I am so tired of love at first sight.


RIGHT!!!I hated the kissing booth. I know it is unpopular opinion. But the main male character was nothing but a jerk. It was all so unbelievable. I didn’t relate to any other characters.


The relationship was so toxic and he showed some real red flags during it where I would be running for the hills.


Yeah, don’t get me wrong I love a good bad guy or anti-hero in romances. I always root for them. As long as he has some redeemable qualities. Like all of his anger came from like nowhere. He was just plain rude and used her for sex. He didn’t even like apologize, she was always chasing after him.


YES. Also “bad boy” and “abusive boy” do not have to be the same thing. A guy can be a horrible person and beat up people, but he never gets angry with his woman and treats her with respect.

On multiple occasions, the dude lost his temper and started hitting things when he didn’t agree with the girl, which are big warning signs that she could be the one getting hit in the future. Also, he was obsessively controlling - he stopped guys from going out with her before they were even dating - and everything was romanticized! It was disgusting.


It’s scary when people use an abusive boy in place of a bad boy. When I started reading books on wattpad, I honestly didn’t know the difference, I just realized that I’d hate to be treated that way. I ended up writing a story with a ‘bad boy’ who broke rules and got into fights but also loved reading and thought his stepdad (technically his dad’s partner since gay marriage wasn’t a thing at the time) was the most amazing person ever.

The bad boy trope is fine, I think it’s fun, but like @jayjay_ash said, he needs redeeming qualities. Just being bad isn’t cool and being abusive is horrible.


Also there’s a difference between being “bad” and being abusive.


My big thing is when the love interest is unrealistic. Like the synopsis for one of the books I found is about the future king, who’s the most beautiful prince in the world and also happens to be CEO of the most powerful company in the world. :expressionless:

Like, seriously??? That’s straight-out ridiculous. And the worst part is that the book has tens of thousands of more reads. I don’t understand why people would be interested in plots like this. Like, I get that it’s fiction, but seriously, this is just wish fulfillment to the extreme.


Interesting, I’m the opposite because I don’t like short chapters. I find them annoying, because I feel like the author mass-produces chapters for quantity as opposed to quality. If the book’s chapters are too short, I’ll drop it, because I’ll think the author doesn’t have a good attention span.


Depending on the kind of story, too short can be annoying too, but I’d rather read ten 1K chapters than ten 5K chapters, due to attention. I’m highly inattentive and a screen makes it very difficult to focus, so I have to have shorter length to keep engaged and attentive.


Exactly, like I want to be sucked into a story. In vision it in my mind. I can’t do that when it is complete unrealistic. Like the MC, is a motorcycle riding tattooed billionaire step-brother, bad-boy. I mean come one. And its all insta-love. Like the playboy had one encounter with the girl, and will quit his playboy ways immediately fall for her without so much as a date.


I mean don’t get me wrong, I love books like bully to lover romance. I just need there to be like groveling or healing. I want character growth. I can forgive a lot of stuff, if there is character change. The guy is not even apologetic for his actions. He has no real reason for his violence and doesn’t try to stop himself once.


I was going to say a lot of romance tropes do irk me about stories, but I myself use them. I guess what irks me is when a romance trope is the BASE of a story and there isn’t anything else. Like if its a cheesy subplot it doesn’t annoy me but if the entire story is a romance based entirely on the whole ‘celeb meets nobody’ trope with no other plot then it gets a bit tiring. Thats just my personal opinion.


Yes! The instant love where they haven’t even met each other’s families yet. So unrealistic. These characters don’t even know their love interests’ last names, or whether they have secret siblings.


I agree to all of this.

I think what annoys me the most is the normaliziation of abuse. I think if abuse is going to be betrayed there has to be SOME hint whether its in the writing, how the scene plays out, or even the author themselves stating they don’t condone this behavior.

Like, in my book, Haydn slaps Elijah (it’s a needed slap lol) but it’s not cool. Elijah slaps Haydn later on. Abraham beats up Elijah for lying to him about the vampire because he’s engaged to his daughter. Irina and Elijah’s first time is pretty much aquaintance rape, he’s lost his mind and is terrified over what’s going on in his head. She consents to have sex but it is very obvious she wasn’t ready and he feels terrible about it. He’s cheating on her with Haydn, eventually. Elijah gets beaten by Irina at one point. Haydn is burned and maimed by Elijah in a last ditch effort to save his engagement after feeling guilty about f*cking him (He’s a vampire who heals fast but still).

I condone none of these, nor do I portray it as okay. These are characters who love each other so much it is sickening lol. But the amount of violence they throw at each other, righteous or not, is not okay.


Not to be too critical with a story I after all haven’t read, but personally this wouldn’t pass the “don’t normalize abuse” test for me. I mean, again, haven’t read it, just your summary here, but - the point is that there is clearly abuse, and even if you say you portray it as not OK, it seems the relationship/s still goes ahead. So the lesson is “whatever, do it, it might bad, but it won’t matter for the ultimately result much”. It comes across as tokenism, or at the very least not as very convincing.

Don’t have a good example of it handled better, I have to say. I suppose it’d be scenes like in the otherwise fairly mediocre Schooled in Magic, where there’s a pivotal scene involving the heroine and her then-lover, and she expects him (he’s her boyfriend after all) to stand behind and support her (in the same way you would expect a lover not to abuse you). But he doesn’t, thus betraying her trust, and that’s it then. The relationship is over.

I mean, that example doesn’t have anything to do with abuse, but if that’s how it were included in a story, I’d say fine, makes sense; this is about how one mistake can destroy a relationship forever; or whatever, so might be good.

And, given that it’s urban fantasy, it also could be justified with vampires just not being human in the way they act and feel (although your summary doesn’t sound like it and it’s a bit of a “so~so” escape to take).

So, again, haven’t read your story, but just from this I probably wouldn’t be satisfied.