What annoys you or turns you away from stories? New forums edition!



Preach! I also pretty much decided to make one of my male MC’s girlfriend abusive for this reason:




Comedically speaking, what annoys me is all the epic food in books that we cannot have hahahaha.


Oh, so true. Imagine all the banquets my gods can conjure without a second thought. Evil


Ugh, it is torture on an empty stomach!


Not sure if this has been mentioned, but I really dislike it when people mesh cultures together to the point where it’s a false pan stereotype.

Disney’s Aladdin is the perfect example. Their culture is apparently just “brown.” You can see the problems that arise because casting was and still is a huge debate among the people of the cultures they melted together.


Ugh, yes. The other day I read one where one of the characters went "You’re not going to believe this but you have superpowers and…"then he dropped a three thousand words encyclopedia while the MC just listened, quietly.


I hate when there’s too many long paragraphs and not enough dialogue or vice versa. There needs to be a good balance of both.




I’m kind of completely over stories set in America - American high schools to be specific. It won’t turn me away per se, but it will make me go uuuuuuuugh.


It’s mostly themes in stories. I usually don’t read /many/ books on Wattpad just because I think more writers than not are very new like I was when I joined this site and are prone to a lot of errors. Although I do love critiquing and helping writers in any way I can. But for regular stories, I just think that so many things have been overdone it’s getting quite annoying. For example:
When two characters hate each other all book long and suddenly at the end they’re great friends. Like, what was the whole point of it then?
Teenagers who are all-wise and knowing. Teenagers are stupid. They make mistakes. Why make it seem like they have the knowledge of a 50 year old?
The most annoying thing I can think of at the moment is toxic behavior in relationships disguised as true love.
Last but not least, I cannot stand when the character’s whole personality is based on a relationship. It seems like people write characters like they didn’t have a past before they started dating their significant other.


I think that’s more than just annoying…


A boop


You know what actually annoys me? A modern conversational tone in the writing. Like the narrator is talking like a teenager…I’m not talking 1st person. I’m talking 3rd. I’ve seen it and it makes me really mad lol.


In teenagers’ defence, our vocabulary isn’t exactly gigantic


But here’s the thing…it’s adults older than me doing this.


I wasn’t talking about teenagers writing books for teenagers, but fully published novels written in third person like THEY are a popular teenager having a conversation with the reader.


Like…and the novels aren’t even YA.


Uh… What? ._. How does that work?


I don’t know but I dislike it. It’s more in the romance genre…