What annoys you or turns you away from stories? New forums edition!



I don’t read that so I’m safe :smiley:


Probably trying to appeal to the younger women reading the book…to get on their level even if it isn’t first person.


To be fair, I write in third, and I keep my vocabulary basic, as my MC’s vocab is quite basic too. When in omniscient, that’s when you shouldn’t do it


I never read straight up romance. It has to have some other element…even if the romance is a big part of the story…give me some OTHER drama…like a murder or vamps or a fantasy war or even a real historical one or some crazy sci-fi action.


And this is why I write omniscient. I can be as fancy as I want hahahahaha


Oh, at times I can be the fanciest of fancy. Depends on the character, and who’s the MC, who’s speaking, all of that.


Yessss…but I gtg back to work. Ttyl Jane. :slight_smile:


I demand your presence in the Vamp threads when you return




I guess one thing that bothers me is characters that describe themselves as unusual in some way, like it’s not the thing they’ve been living with for their entire lives.

Real life example: I have a twin. I forget to mention this to people, but they always freak out when my sister and I are standing next to each other. But to me, this “unusual” thing is quite ordinary.

So, for example, if this girl has magical powers, and has always had magical powers, or vice versa and everyone else might have magical powers but she doesn’t, then that’s just a usual thing for that character.

I guess what I’m trying to say is: First chapters shouldn’t be lists of “This is why I’m special.” Those make me close the book again.


For me it has to be the your/you’re and there/their/they’re thing. Having the free version of Grammarly somewhere would help people so much with that, so it frustrates me to no end.


Ohhh, that so much

It frustrates me badly enough I actually wrote a grammar book for that reason


Especially when the grammar, in general, seems pretty okay. Then it just comes across to me as laziness. Sigh


Sudden language change and poor grammar and spelling usually does it for me. And let’s NOT get me started on cliche fanfics. Just… no.


This is helpful. I’ve been able to revise my book format to cater for these peeves (i.e, try not to peeve). :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I can’t lower my post count. :pensive: I already have each post at the general rule of <2k words. I keep posts and paragraphs short for mobile viewing; no more than 1.5k words per post on average.

I’ve taken some advice about unnecessary clutter and stuck all my non story posts to the back on of the book. So, when the book opens, it goes straight to the story.

I’ve performed grammar checks so many times that my LanguageTool.org account is about to go, “boom!”

My credo is, “write only what you need to survive.” So, I’ve tried to avoid the run-on sentences and unnecessary descriptions.

Thanks everyone for sharing. This insight is golden.


Soooooo what if the grammar was purposely bad? I mean the dialect is worded as such on behalf of the characters who have poor grammar. Example: Folks who grow up in the rural south. Words like “ain’t” and “ya’ll” or phrases such as “don’t nobody want to do that”. It wouldn’t make sense to write them without their accent or poor grammar, no?


They probably mean outside of dialogue. But I had one person berate me because a character’s direct thoughts weren’t proper grammar while the guy was half unconscious. :roll_eyes: So maybe not.


I could not imagine reading Huck Finn with proper grammar or All The Beautiful Horses. Art is not perfect. That’s what makes it so great.


Even so. For some people, they can’t get through something written in that way. So it’s an annoyance that will stop them from reading it. Besides, their comment seemed more focused on homophones. Even if their grammars poor, the spelling of the to/too/two and their/they’re/there should still have the correct spelling for the usage (unless the character is writing and honestly doesn’t know the difference). I don’t think I could read Huck Finn because I think wording would give me a headache. It doesn’t make it a bad book, but it still turns people away, which is what this thread is about.


Agree. I get annoyed by excessive description. Some may love it. I can see why. But, my attention span is not that long winded.