What annoys you or turns you away from stories? New forums edition!



I think the view point of “bad grammar” in general would be using homophones incorrectly (e.g, there/their, your/you’re), spelling errors and mix-tensing. That sort of thing. What you’ve described would seem okay by me as I would view this as dialogue.:slightly_smiling_face:


Seriously? :flushed:


Sadly, yes. I tried to explain that he wasn’t thinking straight and that’s why it was like that, and they went on this rant about how proper grammar must be used at all times no matter the context. Apparently it’s some pet peeve of theirs.


No way! It’s creative writing. I sometimes think people forget they’re not reading a copy of Strunk and White.


But it is a good habit to keep the grammar right


Accents and dialects are absolutely fine for me! Especially in dialogue. I don’t really consider them to be bad grammar — just colloquial :blush:


Would you read an entire book in Welsh though?


I actually have the first Harry Potter in Welsh. I can’t actually read it, but I have it ¯_(ツ)_/¯


As in the Gaelic language? I only speak a little bit of Irish! In terms of people writing in the accent? I’m more than happy. I read the first Harry Potter in Scots recently :stuck_out_tongue:


One of the first things I was taught regarding writing was that grammar is important, but with a novel, liberties can be taken for intended effects.


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For me I don’t like unbelievable romances. Instalove especially. I also don’t like females that behave childish. I don’t often come across male MCs that act that way It’s always the female MCs


I wish I was making it up.


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My friend is living a good life though. Her fiance is a great guy. I met him last month and saw her for the first time in 8 years. It was great. I hope that helps.


I hate it when girl falls in love with a guy she just met, all because he is trying to ‘protect her from the bad people’ . Also, I dislike it when the romance just develops way too quickly, and it’s hard to focus on the rest of the story. And what really turns me away from stories, is when the MC is acting too stupid, like they lack commen sense and are beyond naive


Ahhh, so many things frustrate me in stories! Inaccuracies, excessive typos or grammatical errors, unrealistic dialogue, disjointed scenes, rushed character development, plot holes, lack of vivid setting. I feel like so many stories could be better if the writer took the time to read them aloud, percolate on the plot and get some quality critique partners they can trust to be honest.


In what ways?


A couple of examples come to mind. Once, I read a book that featured a sport I personally play and have my entire life. The author used incorrect terms frequently and often made it clear they weren’t familiar with the sport and didn’t do enough research to ensure that they were accurate. Same with settings. Totally fine to write about places we’ve never been (that actually exist, so not talking about fantasy here), but there needs to be some serious research done in advance to avoid writing that location unauthentically.


It’s silly to feauture a sport you know next to nothing about… Why do people do that?