What annoys you or turns you away from stories? New forums edition!



I have no idea, lol, but it makes me crazy. I give books LOTS of chances because I know how hard it is to write one and I hate giving up on another writer’s hard work, but that kind of sloppiness will make me put a story down fast.


THIS. Research is sooo important because if the author doesn’t know what they’re talking about, it shows, and that’s personally enough to turn me away from a story

On the other hand, when it’s obvious that someone has done their research and shows it in a balanced way (not info dumps) it makes the story seem more real to me and I tend to like it more


Agreed 100% :slight_smile:


And I actually really enjoy researching stuff for stories… now I know a bunch of random stuff about spirit radios and plastination


Researching for my book is a favorite passtime. I like finding cool stuff out more than actually writing it lol.


Researching actually sidetracks me too much, it’s too interesting


I know. I never thought I’d get so invested in FREAKING GAS LAMPS.


Research is one of my favorite things. Outside of WP, I write very different books than I do here and research is critical (they have a historical component). I enjoy the research phase so much because not only does it make every piece of my projects stronger and more authentic, but it expands my own knowledge :slight_smile:


Yes!! Research in itself is really fun! And yeah, if you’re writing historical fiction research is really important to make it authentic! I think that even if the story is amazing, if the setting is off, the whole story suffers. What period are you writing in?


My traditionally published books are contemporary, but there’s a historical element. Sorry for being vague, but I’ve used a pen-name on Wattpad and have kept details about my work outside of here to a minimum. I wouldn’t care, but since my project on here is truly an experimentation, I’m keeping them separate for now :slight_smile:


Wow, you have books that are traditionally published? That’s so cool! I hope you have a good time experimenting on here!


whenever there’s a long description of the person’s origin story or their achievements, life or anything related to the person… honestly, i prefer it to be told in small chunks going along with the progress of the story than having to read an insufferable info dump (especially in long ass paragraphs)…


When the action takes place in a specific field and the author uses technical terms left and right that I cannot possibly understand unless I work in said field.


Thank you! And yes, I have several books out with a big 5 publisher. I love that side of my writing and those projects, but I’m having a great time playing around on Wattpad! So fun to meet other writers in various stages of their careers, and to post chunks of my book for fun. :):smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks. We need your help. I enjoy the diversity and different views from around the planet.

For me it’s 10,000 “the” in sentences. Sometimes it’s every third word.

(please note my third sentence :grinning: )


HAHA! Oh, I have plenty of writing crutches that I have to watch for. Writing is a tricky thing :slight_smile:


It sounds like you’re having a great time! It’s good to know that there are more established authors on this site (even if you are keeping your identity secret :shushing_face:)


It’s near impossible to avoid I, he, she, and, the


Awww, thanks. Everyone here is so nice.


Yeah, my favorite thing about Wattpad is the people :sparkles: