What annoys you or turns you away from stories? New forums edition!



This one time, my city was the location for an episode of a long-running show and the set was so completely not the place it was pretending to be. I don’t blame them, because budgets and whatnot, but it was amusing to watch.


Oh my gosh. That would make me CRAZY, lol!!!


Books with absolutely no humor in them. Even with things like High Fantasy or historical fiction, I feel like some funny moments should be included, otherwise it’s unrealistic to human experience. Even if the world is ending or everything is falling apart, there is still some humor. Oftentimes bad situations are coped with through it. And I just don’t see that portrayed well. Either every sentence is a one-liner or monotone. Humor has a place in all genres and in all stories, even if it is a small place.


This! I 100% agree. Nothing annoys me more about serious fantasy than the lack of comedic moments. Even if the situation is dire, people are still going to crack jokes.


Coming from a culture where cracking bad jokes is basically a deeply encoded coping mechanism, lack of any comedy, especially in dire situations, feels wrong to me.


Exactly. I feel like a lot of people use comedy to get through tough things in life. It’s a lot easier to laugh occasionally than spend the entire time being miserable.


I didn’t even notice I need this, but you’re absolutely right.


warning for morbid shit
After my Hillel held a vigil for the recent synagogue shooting victims, a bunch of my friends who are also in Hillel and I got dinner, went over to my friends house, and watched very Jewish music videos from Crazy Ex Girlfriend. One of two of theses songs are entitled “Remember that We Suffered” and “Think About All The Dead Jews.” It’s how you cope. We decided the second might have been a bit much.


I’m really glad someone said this because while I wouldn’t have thought of it as something to mention, I’ve had people complain about the humor in my really dark, tense, sci-fi horror. I don’t understand the problem some people have with it. :thinking:


Stories, especially dystopias, that are too high concept.

Like I know you want to be the next Hunger Games or Divergent, but it just gets annoying when I see countless variations of the same basic, overly high concept theme - “society is divided up into four parts, people are categorized by their personality at something something age, they have different powers based on their category, etc etc etc”. It always feels like they put more thought into how the society works than any of the plot or characters, and they always end up not really doing anything substantial with it. It’s annoying when you can tell the society is what they came up with first.

It’s also annoying because there’s never a good reason why the society is like this - The Hunger Games at least made sense and gave actual reasons for why the society was like this, but sometimes it feels like the author just wanted to write this highly specific and unrealistic society nobody would ever want to live in just for the sake of writing it.



The “there’s barely a reason for this and everyone within the society hates it but I thought it’d make a cool story so I tried and failed to make it work” dystopias annoy me too!

A dystopian I really like is “The Handmaid’s Tale” because it both has that backstory that somewhat makes sense, but it’s also a very new society - which is something I haven’t seen in any other popular dystopian. Like, this country is the first to make this radical step and it’s only taken it recently, so the characters all remember what life was like before and what it’s like now. We get to see into the minds of the people who decided for it and who are still supporting it despite being oppressed within it, and those who have no choice as well as people who escaped or are still in free countries. I just think that it was a fresh take on the genre and I really like it - plus the show is AMAZING, in my opinion :blush:


I somewhat disagree. The Road is one of my favorite books and movies of all time, and I can’t think of a single joke or even kind of lighthearted moment in it.

And I honestly think the story would have been worse for it - it wouldn’t make any sense for there to be jokes or humor, because the characters spend the entire book on the verge of death in a horrific hellscape. It would feel unrealistic to the human experience if they WERE cracking jokes, because it’s such an intensely bleak situation.


I kind of have wanted to write a dystopia like that for years, though…


Judging by the success of these dystopias, it clearly doesn’t bother that many people besides me. It seems to be a very common theme in the genre, and I’d assume for good reason - people like reading them. Just because it’s not really my thing doesn’t mean other people won’t like it or authors should stop writing them.


I mean, abusive bad boys/billionaires/alphas are still loved and read by the millions here too


I know, but objectively those stories are worse than just a high concept dystopia. There’s not nearly as much wrong with high concept dystopias as there is those stories, so it’s not as unwarranted that people like them.


Of course there will be some exceptions to this, but I feel that there is no situation too bleak for someone to not cope with it through humor. I’ve never heard of the book you’re referring to, so it very well may be the exception. But personally as someone who has dealt with very difficult things through humor, I find it difficult to relate to stories that don’t have any in it.


The writing has to be at LEAST functional. If I see too much passive voice, sentence fragments, or nonsensical metaphors/similes, I’m immediately turned off from that story. It also needs to have STRUCTURE and some kind of DIRECTION. Short word counts are also a bit of a turn off for me as well; it needs to be more than a few hundred words per chapter. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of romance-focused books, especially when the main character measures their worth by the terms of their romantic interest. Chapters upon chapters describing a character’s flawless body and/or elaborate sex scenes are hugely annoying to me. Flaws are great in terms of personality and physique.

I do want to say though that I hugely respect those writers who write in English when it’s not their first language. Or if the writer is pretty young and/or new to writing, that’s also understandable. People are allowed to make mistakes. That’s how you learn!


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