What annoys you or turns you away from stories? New forums edition!

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  • Stories that don’t go anywhere.
  • Too few words per chapter.
  • Long and pointless authors notes.
  • Stories that begin with “Hi. My name is Maddy and I’m 17 years old.” yada yada
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What do you count as too few words?

Hmm… Probably about 600 words or less is too few for me. But ideally, it feels too short for me if it’s less than 800 words.

For a Wattpad book, anyway. I feel like different rules apply for printed books.

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Mm, that is very true. Normal printed books have chapters of over 6k words, but they all have several scenes

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Some books have their chapters each only a scene long as well, so they have 100+ seperate parts. It works for some books, but definitely not for Wattpad. On Wattpad, it just gets frustrating for me. Like you can’t really get into the book because the chapter ends so quickly.


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I don’t really anything that annoys me. It’s when I don’t finish things really. I am usually mad at myself for not finishing things and I usually get discouraged when no one reads it. Then I end up writing more stuff.


True. When i see book with hundred plus size, i dont want to check it or see the few chapa especially f the blurb is cool. :grinning:

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This is a bit late (and idk if it’s been brought up get because I’m currently reading down the thread) but maybe it’s more that the definition of nerd has changed. Personally, I don’t think any of the people shown as ‘nerds’ in new age literature are what I viewed nerds to be when I was in school. When I was in school, nerds were the group of kids that kept to themselves. They usually hung out in classrooms or the halls. They were people who were a bit odd that didn’t fit into the ‘acceptable’ norms of the school. I distinctly remember one girl that would skip around school with a roller backpack and another that ran like naruto in gym. Being someone with lacking social skills and a hard time communicated because I’m a shy person IRL, I considered myself a nerd and I’m sure most of the people that remember me in HS (the few that may remember me) would agree.

Now it seems like nerd is a generalized term people throw onto their characters because they want them to seem spunky and like outcasts. Just because they are smart or have glasses, doesn’t make them a nerd. If that makes sense? I feel like a lot of writers put titles and labels on their characters without actually expression or making their character that type of person.

It’s actually one of my pet peeves and part of the reason I’ll put down a book. Character is a big thing for me (which is funny because it’s what I struggle with the most).


When stories start with:

“It was a (insert weather/season) day…”

“I woke up…”

When summaries start with:

“(Protagonist) is a normal teen/adult/senior/college student/potato…”


“lowercase intended” Sorry, no, not unless you’re e.e.cummings.
Five or more ‘chapters’ of cast / house / outfits / aesthetics / theme song …
If I have to click through more than twice, I’m usually gone.
One or two sentences per ‘chapter’.
Rambling angst with no real plot.


When the blurb said;


That means the writer is an ass who want to ensure first click of the chapter. It equivalent to one read. And that means the story is not good even more so the writer. A greedy one.


I mean, it could also indicate someone who jas no idea how to write a blurb. Though it does look greedy


Like some other people mentioned here. I hate when an ebook has like 30+ chapters. #2 is when the plot is cliched and overly used. Like those old vampire love stories, or rich guy meets poor girl or hunger game copies, some mediaeval fantasy. It feels like I’m reading the same story over and over again. I would love to see works like Muraki or Douglas Adams from Wattpad authors


Oh boy, I am your worst nightmare lol.

Been writing a historical LGBT vampire romance that goes by old lore, not today’s modern disaster. Been at it for two and a half years. According to my outline it will be 46 chapters (including prologue and epilogue). Currently on Chapter 27, so I’m almost at 30, and I have long chapters.


But I hate cliches probably more than most people and do my damnest to avoid them.

Yes it could be. But to least write two or four sentence can’t hurt. :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:

Well indeed. But I’m sure you’re a great author. Because it takes huge amount of dedication to write that much. I’m even struggling to pen down my novella.

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The struggle is always real lol

Well, it’s more of procrastination in my case