What are all the Clubs rules?

  • No roleplay
  • No off-topic chatter
  • Story sharing should be on SYS thread (no ads)
  • No harassment, bullying, hate speech


No off-site links??


I see a lot of people linking to YouTube, so I have no idea if this is a thing or not.


I don’t ever remember there being a rule against outside links (because we can put them on our profiles and in our stories too, unless I missed something?)

But this is the cafe rules: https://www.wattpad.com/forums/discussion/1027609/READ+FIRST!++%3A%3ACAFE+GUIDELINES%3A%3A++Revised+June+2016


So basically, ‘stick to your lane’ (offer cover art services in MDC, etc)


Usually context driven. But to places to that will lead users to talk and grow, so to speak, outside of Wattpad (like Discord) that’s not allowed. But YouTube, blog posts, etc, as long as it’s inline with the conversation or within context, that’s usually fine. Context is a huge huge role in most things.

Club Guidelines most of the rules are stipulated there, then each sub club has their own specific rules, for example, the mdc has their club specific rules, iyw theirs, the cafe theirs, the industry insider theirs, etc.

What you’ve listed above are basically the main rules.

Re off topic chatter: it’s not banned, per se, we just give a reminder and let them get back onto topic, if they don’t, it gets moved to the cafe - however, the cool tool here to move posts will be SUPER handy.

No self advertisements. In the genre clubs, you can’t advertise your covermaking shop or skills or your critiquing services, that all has to go into the designated threads in the designated clubs.

That’s what I can think of rn, my mind’s done a blank :sweat_smile:


Asking follows stays only in Cafe

Can we have the no bad mouth out of you. Think of the shock Grandma WP might hear? :joy:


Vote as payment or asking for votes or encouraging vote trading is a big no-no according to the Club Guidelines.


Ooh, yes! It’s against Code of Conduct too, if I’m not mistaken.


Using “Discover” in a thread title is illegal because it encourages advertising.



Not exactly. The specific threads “Discover and be Discovered” threads lead to advertising, which is why they were no longer allowed - this conclusion came over a long period of observation and ads happening in these specific threads.

However, merely using the word “discover” in your title is fine, as long as the above is taken into account :smile: again, context is the biggest thing.


… So it was targeted, then.


I forgot to point out but…

Can there also be (That means no screenshot of users too!) included? I saw once someone post a thread of a screenshot bully user. :frowning:


Not targeted, redirected. We didn’t just shut down these threads because we felt like it. Advertising was becoming more and more common and most clubs had numerous amounts of these threads.
Thus, messages were left in this thread that directed people to helpful routes, where they could seek help, advice, like The Help Desk, the mdc, etc. Each club also has a pinned thread where everyone in that club can go and talk and get to know other writers and readers.

So these threads were not targeted, no, rather redirected and broken down so everyone could benefit and get the most out of each club :smile:


I say that because (and you got the name wrong, by the way) the thread series you’re referencing was Be Discovered and Discover. Longest running, though not oldest, group thread in the cafe. Which didn’t really break down or get redirected until recently? (Also, that comment again makes it sound like it was being targeted. O.o)

I get the purpose of shutting them down. I’m not disputing that, I don’t argue with the mods.

My irritation was that no info was ever brought out about it. No one said there would be a change to club rules. We came in one day and it was gone and yes, they were going through the cafe and killing off any thread with “Undiscovered” or “Discover” in the title at the time.

I don’t know if you’ve really noticed this over time but the word has kinda just disappear from the cafe vernacular in general?

Anyway, too long, didn’t read, my point with the original comment is that is a rule everyone forgets, because no one uses the word in their thread titles anymore.


I promise I’m not attacking you, I am irritated with the way the rules updates are rolled out.


Perhaps it’s a trend that just took on in some clubs, because in some clubs the word is still used, I’ll admit, I didn’t notice that until you said it now, so I’ll have to be more observant on thread titles.

As far as I know, BDaD is still active in The Cafe?

I totally understand this - most of the threads led to advertising, which is why they were shut down, and I guess communication got lost in the midst.

Totally get this, don’t worry :smile: I love it when users bring up issues, that way we can help and understand, and hopefully make things better/create a better understanding. I understand your frustration with the way rules are updated, do you have any suggestions on how it can be done in the future?

Right now, our only way to communicate major changes is through pinned threads, which aren’t checked half the time. So if you can think of a better way, please, tell us! So we can communicate better :smile:


I notice trends really really often down to the point that I can recognize when a friend starts using a different word and who they picked up use of the word from so I’m honestly not surprised, it may have just been me who noticed.

It’s active because I’m there. xD It became drama center after the Discover reminder kinda got lost in translation.

Communication definitely got lost in there. Thing is, I’m one of the weird ones who does pay attention to the pinned threads, at least the rules ones, and I didn’t see anything about an upcoming rules change that I can recall? I also went through the rules after that and didn’t find this change written in it, maybe I’m not looking at the right place, though.

My only suggestion for that would be to maybe drop a message in the popular threads that will be affected so the word gets spread? I mean, I know I freak out any time a mod message pops up in a thread I’m on xD


That’s fantastic observation skills :smile:

I can imagine that :sweat_smile:

I’ll admit, though, I don’t think it was a steadfast rule that got written down in stone. There was a period (which is when the “rule” was implemented) where every second bdad thread had advertising in it - especially in the genre clubs, so alternative routes were given, as said above (:sweat_smile:) so I don’t think it was really put down into the guidelines.

(I was so into this conversation, I forgot that I’d made tea and now it’s stone cold :sob: I’m too lazy (and it’s too cold) to go and heat it up, so iced milk tea it is :sweat_smile:)

But anyway, I think once the bdad threads died down and advertising calmed down, the rule laxed a bit - which is why it’s not as enforced now, if that makes sense?

This is a good idea, and I think if we end up using these threads, it may be even easier to spread the word.


Okay ignoring what everyone else said because it would be hard for me not to repeat them and not forget something LOL So these are all the rules I know of off the top of my head.

  • No advertising except in the sys threads.
  • No spamming the sys threads. Post once and only once for all books that are in that genre. Also could only advertise in one genre, but not sure if that rule could maybe be amended now that there’s tags and be allowed to advertise in more than one (though still put a limit on it so people aren’t spamming all the sys threads with the same books.)
  • No spamming threads in general
  • No bullying, harassment, or porn.
  • No advertising your editing, critique, or book club except in the designated thread.
  • No asking for read for read except in the designated thread
  • Vote trading is illegal as is asking for vote payments of any kind for cover services or any other service.
  • Off topic chatter stays in the cafe and only cafe. Some drifting is allowed but ultimately topic must get back on topic or it gets moved to the cafe.
  • No discussion of self harm or suicide.

Every club has slightly different rules but those are the basic ones that I can think of that apply to all clubs.