What are people looking for in a poetry book?



What do you look for in a poetry book?


I think most people look for poetry that is relatable, but that’s just my thoughts. I always love it when a poet can turn an event or experience everyone has into something poetic and make something ordinary extra-ordinary :slight_smile:


I’m a controversial person.

Hence why all of my poems are dark and controversial (who could guess).

The things my poems are about:

  • homophobia,
  • religion,
  • anorexia,
  • trapped (metaphorically and literally),
  • sexism,
  • suicide,
  • etc.

Basically what I’m saying is…

I look for a poetry book that makes a clear (most often controversial or meaningful) statement with each individual poem. I don’t look for the sappy: Roses are red, violets are blue, type of stuff. I want the deep shit.

But that’s just me. I don’t speak for anyone else :herb:


Yes, I agree.


Thank you.


As a poetess I am very demanding when it comes to poetry, as much as I can read anything when it comes to novels, I am a very-hard-to-satisfy reader when it comes to poetry. I read rarely poetry and most of the time my reads evolve around a handful of poets that I know by heart, because for me poetry is a matter of emotions and feelings, and the personality of the poet is very important in my decision to read or not to read the poetry. This is why I do a research on the poet first before reading that latter’s works. I like it when the poet reasons in the same way than I do. I have a thing for anarchistic, rebellious, free-thinking, misanthropist and unpopular poets, those who don’t write about the flings of their hearts but the flings of their souls … just like I do. :thinking:


Beauty. A touch of the divine, upon a sensitive spot of the deepest sorrow. That’s what poetry means to me.


It shouldn’t be chained to orthodox and traditional literary and grammar nodes. Free it from its literary constraints and explore the archaic and strange territory. Make it personal, make it ooze your feeling. I look for something that impresses and goes for it.


I think people are looking for something like the right words for a specific moment or a specific feeling


writing that makes me feel something. that’s pretty much it.




100% agree - poetry is one of those genres with so much freedom


I look for poetry with true feeling and a specific topic. I’m quite picky when it comes to poems so I can’t stand when poems are sappy romance because I feel like those have no direction and are generic. I enjoy poems about series topics as well because they raise awareness :innocent:


I don’t look for anything in poetry. I’m a sucker for all sorts of poems.


“You laugh because i am different…
I laugh because you are all the same”

I LIKE that !


"Roses are red
But here’s some-15541126_918541961579098_331555025783141437_n -thing new
Violets are Violet not &^%$#@& Blue !

“The Book of Dreams”
{What people are looking for}




Honestly as a poet myself, I’m looking for something that can actually pull my emotions out of my head and into physical feeling. I’m into controversial topics as well. I usually like topics about politics, rape/sexual assault, racism, stereotypical gender roles, and so on. All of those tick me off so I try to write about it or read it. What I’ve found is that Maya Angelou, R.H. Sin, Rudy Francisco, and Olivia Gatwood attack some of these topics really well and I have thoroughly enjoyed their work.


I look for rhyming… I generally find it more enjoyable if it rhymes. Easier for me to process, as I’m more used to rhyming poetry.


Pleasure to be here…thought I’d just add that I like anything that chooses to call itself poetry as long as it makes me feel something or think something…if a piece resonates then that is an achievement for the author I think…what say you?