What are some important Wattpad terms to know as a reader and writer? On the forums? Within the community? In stories?


You’re right, it has been a while. I wonder where everyone is. Seems like peeps are drifting apart here.

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Hmmm let’s see…

F4F which means follow for follow

R4R read for read

V4V vote for vote which isn’t allowed

MDC - Multimedia Design Club where you can request covers, trailers, banners, and more!

Thread hopping - used in the MDC club to reference when requesting in one thread for a cover (or a trailer etc) then going to another thread and asking for the same thing. It wastes the time of two artists.

Faceclaim - choosing a celebrity for your character

(I probably know more but I’m tired lol)


I totally agreeee. That was a prime time in forums for me, and kinda gave me super high expectations on forums and the response level. Boy was I wrong, I miss the energy of my first forum post. Those were some good cowboy days.

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Wow, I had no clue that this was a thing, thank you for bringing it up.


Yeah, I used to have several groups, all are gone now.

I just jump around in threads now.

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I just pretend I know what’s happening :tipping_hand_woman:t4:

Hopefully it will turn out well :joy: I’ve already got the opening if you want to see it :wink: There’s also another book that’s totally unrelated to my series that I’m working on and people seem to be enjoying that which is good.
Oooo. I hope the readers won’t hate you too much! :joy:

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Same, I feel like I’m on a hunt every time I get on forums, just looking for the right forum to butt into

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Oh :sweat_smile:

Threads: Well, this entire thing is a thread

Links: Think normal links. Like, website links. Probably the best example.

SYS: Share Your Story. The name says it all

R4R: Read For Read. The name says it all

Critiques: I think that one is where people critique your book.

Forums: Wattpadwriters/the Community in general is the forums


I know what’s happening, but I pretend I don’t know what’s happening lol

oh? The opening, would love to see it. A completely unrelated book? That sounds fun.Two endings lol, two endings…I make reader’s love my character’s, then I rip their hearts out! Then put it back together, then smash it into pieces! Then repeat!:joy:

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I just drop in, and drop out.

Now and then though, some people randomly approach me.

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Geez. If you know what’s happening then tell us :joy:

I’ll put the opening in a summary then XD And the completely unrelated book is called The Spirit Veil. It’s a recording in book form with the main character - Aurora Diaz - narrating.
That’s a great formula to work with XD Way to ruin the reader’s hearts XD

What's The Point Of This? by Amneris Topanga (this is the intro which apparently doesn't open if you blur it)

[door opening followed by a shunking noise]

Oops. Um, Jay? . . . Yeesh.

[dragging sounds followed by door opening. silence for a few moments before a door is opened and closed again]

Crap, is this thing still recording? Wow, this is not a good start. How do I -

Okay, so apparently you can’t delete things off this or, if you can, I don’t know how to do it.

Um, if you’re wondering what all that noise was at the start - assuming it’s still there when this thing is made public - that was me killing Jay. See, he kinda barged into my room unannounced and my instincts took over. Er, he’ll be fine in a few minutes . . . hours . . . who knows?

So, you’re probably wondering what this is. Basically, one of my genius assassins (sarcasm in case you can’t tell), a.k.a Jay, decided it would be a good idea to publish these stories I wrote. Well, technically we all wrote part of them. Anyway, he thought it would be a good idea to put in a guide of sorts in case we end up having any newcomers to the Court in future millennia. I won’t deny it’s possible, but highly unlikely. Still, it’s not a totally useless idea. Fuck, he’s gonna get big headed after listening to this.

[clears throat] Moving on.

The point of this is to help any newcomers - or Earthlings, since they seemed to be the most interested in our adventures - get a handle of things in this crazy multiverse - omniverse depending on how you look at things - in a hopefully not too long timeframe. We usually end up having to stop some sort of disaster pretty soon after stopping the one before. I call it a normal tuesday in your Earth terminology. Yes, there is a omniversal translator being used as I speak which is why you can understand me. That’s not important. I’m saying this now because I know someone will ask eventually.

In this recording - or book or whatever - will be some of the info you need to get you started including stuff about other worlds and adventures, as well as some other people and artefacts. These will be coming to you from myself, my Court, and some friends we have made along the way, because we all know the real treasure of any adventure is the friends we make. Just to clarify, that was also sarcasm. Everyone knows the real treasure is the gold.

I think that’s all you need to know to get started. Now, if I could just remember where the off -

Also, maybe we should take this to another thread since this is about wattpad terms? :joy:

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Nick. Goats. Everything that ties into that. Not really lingo but important things for newbies to know.

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Even if you do delete it, I can just check the hard drive.

Seems about right


Depends on the gold


Well this was interesting, and hilarious lol.

Also yeah. We should take this elsewhere.


Haha, I find this so hilariously important because for one, it’s never talked about and secondly, most newbies—especially those who are new to writing—don’t understand what’s going on. Heck, I had no idea what the lingo was and I’ve run into many others who don’t know either!

So I’ve compiled a list of words and phrases that are typically used within both the Wattpad and writer/reader world for any who wants to know the basics! :wink:

Forum: A forum is a place where you have conversations with other like-minded people.

Thread: When you’re on a forum, you may notice a few topics that come with a list of comments from other users. This entire topic (along with the comments) is called a thread.

Club: On Wattpad, there are many different “clubs” that you can wander around. Each club is specific to one subject. For example, the “Cafe” is known for the place where you make conversation with others that isn’t about writing or reading. Each club comes with their own list of threads you can go into.

IYW: This is just the acronym for “Improve Your Writing.” Some people tend to use this as the name’s club for a simpler name. The “Improve Your Writing” club is all about other users helping you with your story without them reading an entire chapter or story.

SYS: This is an acronym for “Share Your Story” meaning the “Share Your Story” club, the only place where you can advertise your story freely within the guidelines.

MDC: This is also an acronym for “Multimedia Design Club.” The “MDC” is where you can find graphic artists, trailer makers, and more.

OP: Acronym for “original poster.” This is what would be used by some people who didn’t create the topic, but are referring to the one who did. For example, in this thread, therosecontinuum is the OP, while I am not.

R4R/Read for read: This is where two people make an agreement to read each other’s stories, whether it’s the entire story or a few chapters.

Critic vs. Critique: This is something that has been misunderstood, usually because the user doesn’t understand the difference or because they don’t have English as their first language. A “critic” is someone who gives a review of your story. A “critique” is the review. Critiques are generally given with the good, the bad, and a way that the author can improve their story. But sometimes, this formula isn’t how you may use it.

Thread hopping: This is when you go from thread to thread, and within the MDC, this isn’t a good thing to do if you’re asking everyone to make you a cover or something.

F4F: So, much like the “read for read,” this is the equivalent acronym, but for following. In other words, it’s known as “follow for follow.” This is just when you follow one person and they follow you back.

Ship: This would be reader lingo, and it means that someone who is a fan of something wants two characters to be in a relationship. In most cases, these “ships,” don’t have to make sense and the fan can ship the characters based off anything. So for example, you can have a fan who ships Draco and Hermione (meaning that they think these two should be in a relationship). Others may even mix it up a little like shipping from different universes like doing Tony Stark and Jack Sparrow.

NaNoWriMo: This is a month where a writer will try to write 50,000 words in a single month—specifically in November. Some people refer it to “National Novel Writing Month” and others refer it to “National November Writing Month.” To understand NaNoWriMo better, I’d suggest to go here for more information.

Camp NaNoWriMo: Like NaNoWriMo, this is an event for writing and setting up word count goals and whatnot. However, it’s different because for the actual NaNoWriMo (in November), you’re supposed to be working on a single project. For Camp NaNoWriMo, you can work on multiple projects. The other difference is that Camp NaNo takes place between April and July.

Preptober: This is for NaNoWriMo participants for prepping their work in October and getting ready for November. So, for example, one way to use Preptober is for planning a brand new story before you start writing it in November.

WIP: An acronym for “work in progress.” You’ll hear this if you’re talking about someone’s current project.

Log line: This just means to wrap your story up in a sentence, sometimes two, to help readers or others understand the basics of what it’s about. For example, you could turn Harry Potter into this kind of “log line”: A young boy finds out he’s a wizard and is invited to a boarding school to help teach him magic while also trying to defeat a dark wizard.

Beta readers: A beta reader is someone who reads your entire completed story and gives you pointers on how to improve it based on the story elements such as characters, plot, etc. They don’t do anything with grammar and punctuation and the whole structure of it. Just the overall storytelling part.

Character arc: When you write a story, your character should change as the story progresses. The character arc is that overall change. So, the character should be different or have a different perspective at the end of the story than they did at the beginning.

Pantser: This is often used when referring to someone who doesn’t plot at all. They may have a general idea of a story, but don’t know where it’ll take them.

That’s all I can think of, but if anyone has any questions on others I may have missed, I’d be happy to “decode” them. :wink:


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOUUUU. That’s what I meant when I put this forum in, I just wanted newbies to have a place they can go to understand what everyone is saying. Everyone is saying “what do you mean by lingo” because we’re so used to Wattpad-speak. Let’s be honest, though, newbies don’t know so it’s important for them to have a place to come to.

I wish I could pin this…or heart it 50 times…whichever comes first hahaha :smiley:

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Some acronyms that are popular that took me a while to figure out: (I tried to skim the thread and I think these haven’t been said yet, but I’m not 100% sure)

  • MC = main character

  • OTP = One true paring

  • WIP = Work In Progress

  • YA = Young Adult

  • NA = New Adult

  • Moodboard/Aesthetics = a collage of pictures, harmonious in color scheme or monochromatic that depict a character’s personality/plot, sometimes posted in the front or end of a story or just used as inspiration.


You can edit your original post to add an abridged list to it, and link her specific comment to it for the details

You should probably know…

MC = Main character
OC = Original character
Differences between fictions and fanfictions.
Romcom = Romantic comedy
BxB = boy x boy
MxM = Male x male
GxG = girl x girl
TMI = too much informations (I learnt this one pretty recently !)
Hiatus = the story is on a break
Meaning of dark romance, urban fantasy, young adult, new adult, bit-lit… and others specific genres.

I think this is pretty much all of it !


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