What are some Paranormal tropes you hate?

I’ve read a lot of Paranormal over the years and whilst I enjoy the genre, there are some plot devices/character descriptions/romantic themes that make my eyes roll.

Does anyone feel the same? And what are ones that annoy you the most? No judgement if some of these tropes are your guilty pleasure!

(If I’m being honest, this is also a bit of research for my own Paranormal Romance :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:)

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The whole virginity=purity trope that’s so popular in the paranormal and horror genre is one that annoys me a lot.


Anything that smacks of Laurell K Hamilton. I prefer the ‘innocent’ trope to her…hmmm…take on the subject.

I do enjoy Paranormal Romance, I wrote one, and I’ve read some really good ones, though they’re like cookies, tasty at the time but not memorable.

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One trope that annoys me is when the pet freaking dies in order to get the family to understand something is wrong.


This ones more aimed at haunted house stories, but it’s when the dad is the only one oblivious to what’s happening. All other members of the family notice the peculiar activity as odd, but even after full blown witnessing something - they always have an explanation, even when it makes no sense.

High school settings… Idk it just feels like every paranormal romance book is set in high school and it’s sorta frustrating as there are so many potentially interesting settings that remain unused.


Ugh I hate that one too :roll_eyes: (And it’s always the girl that has to be a virgin to be pure…:thinking:)


I love Paranormal Romance too and your cookie metaphor is spot on! I always find that it’s rare to find one that’s actually original and doesn’t reuse the same plot. I’m probably the exact same with the one I’m writing though :sweat_smile:

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I struggle to find paranormal romances (especially on this site) that aren’t high school - and I used to really enjoy them when I was younger - but now I’m in my twenties I find it a bit weird reading romance books with sixteen year old’s having sex left, right, and centre :joy:


I draw the line at the pets being killed for plot devices :angry: :joy:

When I wrote mine I went for the unusual. I’ve got a haunted motorcycle, two ghosts and a mad artist who sold his soul to the devil to be the world’s greatest airbrush artist.

The MC swallows the moon to find her one true love…what could possible go wrong? LOL

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Bad Boy trope where the love interest’s behaviors are very abusive and never faces consequences for it and/or the MC is fine with being treated that way. I’ve had to cut friend relationships out of my life that were very obviously manipulative and toxic and it makes my flesh crawl to see that played up in a romanticized light.

Also if anyone adds Wendigos and Skinwalkers to the narrative it guarantees that I will not touch the story. I’ve been seeing them pop up more and more in stories where the creator shouldn’t be using them and is using them in an awful way (right up there with David Cage’s Until Dawn).


What I hate is the romance between a human and an EVIL paranormal creature. If it learns to love then it should stop being EVIL… not “live happily ever after while roaming the countryside killing villagers” while they aren’t with their human wife.

It’s like yup… just ignore the people dying off screen.

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Another one…

When a human and an non-human have sex. How is it all the parts line up and function in the way it should function? I’m not talking about mammals… some of the species lay eggs.

Oh yes, and I’m that person who over thinks “scary movies” and ends up laughing at the inconsistencies. Don’t get me started on “Bird Box”. It was a better comedy than a thriller IMO.

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Teeeeeeeeeeell me about it! It makes the feminist in me shudder. Don’t get me wrong I love a “bad boy”. AKA acts like one but really is a sweetie and respects your boundaries and consent but some of them are just stupid unhealthy

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I just get super confused by those and avoid at all cost :joy:

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Never written…or read now that I think of it a story about a Wendigo or Skinwalker so this question is purely from nosy curiosity: What do you mean by “where the creator shouldn’t be using them and is using them in an awful way” and under what circumstances would it be allowable, in your opinion, to use a Wendigo or Skinwalker?

Again, just pure curiosity, not even sure why I want to know :woman_shrugging:

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Cliche ‘creepy children’ trope most horror stories seem to go with, even the new movie adaptation of Color Out Of Space


I also hate the purity means virginal


Took a break from here for a bit but I’m back and screaming.

Pet Cemetery and almost anything that uses “ancient Indian burial ground” tropes comes up a lot. With popular media and horror getting it’s grubby hands on it there is going to be an inevitable spike in it (ie. David Cage’s Until Dawn, the upcoming Antlers movie, and even for some reason the current Ducktale series, go figure). Wendigo, Skinwalkers, etc. are being stripped of their ties to their respective tribes by those who have never done research on these cultures (aka. similar to JK Rowling’s disaster of using native myths for her house system on the expanded harry potter mythos or whatever).

Also the current iteration of Wendigos where they are deer skeletons or have motifs from them originated from The Wolf Among Us design of the Jersey Devil so there’s that too.


Either it’s all okay or none of it is.

It’s not right to choose to protect Native American mythologies and allow for bastardizations of a Christian god and angels. Let people write what they want.