What Are the Factors That Rank Stories?

Recently I’ve published a couple of works on here, they haven’t gotten many views, I think my highest was about ten views, and I’m pretty sure half of that was just me previewing the story.
But they keep getting ranked really highly (as an example, in the top one-hundred or so out of five-thousand other stories tagged the same).
I’m definitely not complaining nor bragging, I’m just very confused as to how the ranking system works. Undoubtedly, I appreciate the exposure higher rankings in various tags give me, absolutely, I just don’t know why mine are getting boosted above stories with… thousands of views?

I write very traditionally and don’t have many grammatical errors in my chapters, thanks to the people who review them, and to simply giving them a comb-over before publishing, does the Wattpad algorithm favor those writing attributes over more casual stories? Does it have to do with chapter length? Or how new my account is?

Again, I’m not bragging, or mad about it, I’m just curious (and I’m also interested in knowing if this is happening to other writers?).

I don’t think there is a ranking, but I know what you mean. I’ve seen stories with higher views then mine get ranked lower, but I feel like each day the ranking changes. Maybe an ambassador knows?

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Hmm, but what chooses where stories go, in terms of ranking? Because sometimes my stories, like, climb.

I mean, I get that you don’t know. I guess I’m just sort of “thinking out loud”, at this point.

That is interesting, though, that there may not be a ranking system at all, and that it’s completely arbitrary. Very interesting.

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No I know what you mean, I’ll ask questions even if the other person doesn’t know it’s more me talking to myself XD From what I’ve heard there’s not really a system but I haven’t been on here for long so I can’t say for certain

I’m not entirely sure either. I notice the more frequently I update the higher ranked my story gets despite views. So maybe that?

For what I know

The algorythm prefers newer stories in ranks (first two/three months) and regular updates on those. (binge updating, the algorytm punishes) It keeps track of % growth. 1 view in 10 is better than 1 view in 100. (if that makes sense)

The only really good tags to rank is are (for example): romance, paranormal, werewolf.
If you manage to rank in the top 10 or 20 in those, you will see your reads boom.
Other ranks will barely do anything, even if you rank nr 1 in them.

(I have never ranked really good in any decent tag, for reference)


Ahh, that might explain it. Lately, I’ve been posting every day - every other day, or so.

That might genuinely be it.

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Oh, interesting. Kind of like what @CatharsisKingdom was saying.

I do understand what you mean about the 1 in 10 views thing!

I was thinking about the tag system, I don’t really see a lot of people looking up the “gardening” tag or “warrior” tag, they just seem very… almost obsolete.

I do hope better success to your stories in the future, though.


Yeah, I was trying to figure out how they ranked yesterday. I also think that they put your most impressive ranks front and center. Like my story doesn’t show rankings in fantasy or romance which have thousands of stories under that tag and my story is probably just to far back. Like what @WolfUnderTheMoon89 was saying

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Yes, I relate to that. It’s very unfortunate that my stories do quite well in tags with only a handful of stories (like the examples I gave), haha.

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The, big tags are the words used in search.
While they will give the most views when ranked high in. It will also be the hardest to get noticed in.
I’ve been in the top 15 for slowburn for two weeks now, with the highest being number 3. This sounds great. Nr 3 in 12K, but it hasn’t changed a bit.
The primary tags are the once like romance, love, paranormal, werewolf… the story categories

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Wow, that’s insane. Slowburn seems like something… you know, people would go and look up. Damn, and #3 at that. That’s crazy, wow.

I do hear you on the romance, love etc tags. I’ll have to keep that in mind, thank you for that.


Yeah, same here. I believe the more consistently you update the higher you’ll get though so don’t lose hope! Just gotta out update other people lol. That’s where my problem is, never been great at consistently updating. Gonna try again though.

you’re welcome

and yes, when I got that rank, I was super excited. But it didn’t change a thing, so that was a bummer xD

You and @WolfUnderTheMoon89 have been immensely helpful with this. I honestly was very surprised at how quickly people started responding, I feel like I made this thread two seconds ago.

Oh, I hope you overcome that. I know that one of the biggest blocks for me, before at least, was falling out of love with a story. It made it immensely difficult to even want to write, let alone carve out some time to go and do it.
But, no doubt, whatever’s blocking you you’ll overcome.


Thank you and no problem! Yeah I was just refreshing the latest tab to see what interesting threads would come up so that’s why I showed up so quickly. lol

I feel like I got over a big hurdle yesterday and finally figured out how to progress my story from the point it was at, I also started feeling like I was falling out of love with my story a bit too, tough thing to experience. Thank you

This makes sense. I post a chapter a day, and my ranking is 149 right now in one category but other categories are different numbers. I noticed when I skipped a posting one day this number changed big time. Still trying to figure this wattpad stuff out. lol Thank you for sharing.

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I’m still not completely understanding everything! But at least there are a few bits. :slight_smile:

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Assuming it still functions the same way as it did years ago, it doesn’t just track views, it also tracks and compares how many votes and comments you receive since your last update and compares it to other stories.

Honestly, the way it works is not very transparent :joy:

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I think the algorithm promotes stories to readers this way, but I believe the ranking system is at least partially based on the number of votes you receive within a certain time span.

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