What are the odds?


Just like what the title says, what are the odds of going towards indie/self publishing with a book of my poems with the history behind the creation of them that could help others?


Indie? There’s nothing stopping you from going indie but you. Period. You decide the budget, and you make the choices that determine the quality of the final product and you do all the marketing.

Every book has an audience, though that audience may be small. Whether your book succeeds depends on how good you are at finding that audience and convincing them to buy your book. (They won’t come to you.)


I though Indie was the meaning for independent or is it something different? Yeah its my insecurities about my poems that is stopping me, I mean both my mom and my grandma had told me that I should publish them. Thank you for the input.


Indie means self publishing. That means YOU are the publisher and therefore responsible for everything.

It doesn’t mean you have to do everything yourself – but you have to find (and pay) the experts to do what you cannot.


Indie used to be a small press. The term is now used more commonly for self-publish.


Poetry chapbooks is the easiest thing to publish as an indie author. I’m planning on doing a collection of mine one of these days.

Publishing novels? That’s different. It’s a bit harder, more work, and is time consuming.


The odds of getting it produced? 100% – as you are the only one that stands in the way.

The odds of you earning much from it? Very slim. Poetry is not a big seller…and it’s not one of the genres that performs well in self-publishing. Even if you took it traditional, the chances of success will be small. It’s not a big market…and it’s VERY hard to break into.


Sorry – some confusion over terms.

  • “indie” - is often used to refer to self-publishing. It’s kinda the defacto standard of the word now.

  • “indie” - used to mean “independent press” – which means a non-big five publisher. Also referred to as a a “small press.”

Again the poetry market is not an easy one to break into so no matter which path you choose (big-five, small press or self-published) the road will be a hard one.