What are you listening to when you write your stories?

I write in silence.

Either Animal Crossing or Pokemon music, if I feel like listening to anything at all.


I just turn on Pandora and go to town. Most of the time it’s cute love songs or more sexy songs because I tend to wrote romance but if I’m writing an action scene it’s fast rap and sometimes I’ll even just chill out with some gospel lol.

I love this! The first pokemon theme song still gets me hype!.. Just wish I could remember all the daggone pokemon lol.

I make story-based playlists on itunes to help me visualize a particular scene. I use songs that fit the emotion, instrumentals from peroid movies of a similar time, and put them in order. I haven’t made one in a while because some stories I just can’t picture the music.

I listen to nature. Whatever’s out my window when I’m writing is what I listen to.

Dont really listen to music, but once i complete my chapter i like to take a break and do some drawings. It helps me with ideas later on.

I listen to Lorde, Panic!at the disco, Halsey, Bllack veil brides and taylor swift

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I listen to anything really. For example, the last album I listened to while writing was The Chronic by Dr Dre. the other day I listened to Peter Gabriel’s So while writing. Sometimes I try to find something that fits the tone of what I’m writing, other times I just listen to what i feel like, such as a recommendation or just shuffle.


My playlist is consists of random songs, actually. But when the scenes I’m writing’s a bit emotional, I love listening to Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello’s songs. Their upbeat songs kind of offset the mood. BUT the meanings of their songs are really sad, so… yeah.

Lot of Frank Zappa at the moment! (Working my way through his entire back catalogue! Should take some time lol)

Have you listened to Peter Gabriel’s Us or Up? Both are exceptional albums too!

I haven’t heard Up but I have heard Us. I love it so much.

Mostly I have on instrumental celtic music, it helps a lot to get the feeling of fantasy, although at some points I get into a swing of different genres I enjoy, like pop, country and sometimes even fast paced Vocaloid songs. Those ones also get me to work faster without realizing it.

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Just let it go =D

Anything that reminds me of my book. And this is probably weird but kinda saddish indie music hah

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Taylor Swift <3 <3 <3

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I go insane with rock music. :joy: :joy: :joy:

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the only slightly insane music i listen to is black veil brides. i love the 1975 too

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