What are you sick of reading?



Can I complain about fanfiction tropes here?

I am sick of reading about extra, super-duper special female original characters whose main achievement is their supposed relation to a canon character (typically, someone’s daughter or someone’s sister)
I am extra sick of original characters inserted into canon scenes where all they do is steal the best pieces of dialogue from the canon characters. If you have an extra character in a scene and the outcome doesn’t change what so ever, what’s the point of having this character around?


As I fanfic writer, I agree. (completely ignores the fact that I wrote extra, super-duper special female original characters whose main achievement is their supposed relation to a canon character when I was thirteen.)


Another sign of a typical ‘self-insertion’ character, aka Mary Sue.

Don’t get me wrong - the Mary Sue character trope is going to be the first Main Characters we create. One has to start some where.

Fan Fiction, where the name Mary Sue came from, that type of character goes all the way back to Gene Roddenberry and Wesley Crusher, who was Gene’s self-insertion character.

So if a character and a writer can’t pass the Mary Sue Litmus test - it doesn’t mean one is a bad writer, or can’t improve beyond this particular character type. It just means it’s time to develop a better skill set when it comes to creating characters.

Awareness is the first step. Admitting that one’s characters are Mary Sues is the first step to growing beyond them.

Think of it as a call for action.


XD time to write about some alien cacti who can talk


I’m sick of reading poorly written YA books that have barely any character development and the writing style reads like a barely put together second draft :skull::skull::skull:


My first novel had Voldemort’s daughter as a major character (I laughed so hard when the Cursed Child came out). Considering I don’t remember anything else about her, she probably wasn’t the most dynamic of characters either.


Lack of character development in angsty novels. Cause I like to tenderise my wee lil heart with a meat cleaver of angst from time to time. And of course you could argue lack of character development plagues all sort of fiction, but I feel like its within the angsty type that it’s the most common. Characters just repeat the same behavioural patterns again and again and again and keep being miserable, to the point where any sympathy you initially had for them just gradually evaporates. Ooooh and don’t even get me started on the tropes


Just gonna jump in here and say - Have you seen the teaser for Dragon Age: The Dread Wolf Rises??


I saw that they had the trailer :slight_smile: I did not watch it, but I am happy they talk about the game finally.



#sorrynotsorry :woman_shrugging:

I mean, I love it when there is a plot not focusing on the romance aspect. Lust and crushes are OK with me, but not romance. If there is a science fiction or a horror story, I’d rather it really focuses on scifi and horror plots, not a romantic relationahip.

Is it just me? OK. I’ll leave then… :sweat_smile:


Honestly? I’m tired of reading the same thing over and over again. No experimenting. No risk taking. No excitement. No characterisation. No interesting quirks. Cliches. Tropes. Just an easy way to get reads, lol.


It honestly made me sad to see that so many of the Beta books and Wattys winners were like that :cry:


Writers need to be more like rappers on their attitude. They need write what they need to say and not care so much about their writing being perfect. You can build up a fan base based on your authenticity. You mightn’t be JK Rowling popular but at least you’ll have more loyal fans willing to buy you work and support you through thick as thin.


I just hate how much WP says they promote originality and unique stories with dynamic characters and riveting plots and yet all I get in my recommended and promoted by WP are the same five cliches with two-dimensional characters and plots that have “twists” I see coming a mile away…

It’s why I don’t read much on here anymore, just write. I got sick of always being so severely disappointed :woman_shrugging:


Consumerism. Commercialism. Makes it all the same.


I hear you! I just wish that WP would make its claims match what they actually do…

looks at the suspicious lack of data to back up the Next being a “huge success” despite facing notable backlash



Imagine if wattpad was like eBay lol


I know nothing about eBay so I don’t get it :joy::joy:


You can send back products that don’t fit the description lol


Lol, I would send back trad oubslihed books too :joy:

looks at Throne of Glass

But lol, I’d have to send back Wattpad in its entirety instead of just a few books :joy: I stay on because I love my readers and don’t want to leave them hanging, but I’ve only been on for a little over a year and I already think it makes one bad decision after the other and somehow knows nothing about the basics of running a business! :joy: